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  • Dear Justin,
    I have translated the-events-calendar.pot file into Czech language. Because I don´t know what to with it. Can you help me please ?
    This translated file can be downloaded from

    Best regards,

    again the link with czech translation :

    I hope that our special czech characters as “ščřřžáí” will be correctly displayed.

    Hi globus,
    you have to use program like Poedit to translate it. Or in textfile – you just would have to change “msgst” field.


    #: views/events-meta-box.php:347 views/list.php:72 views/single.php:20
    msgid "Price:"
    msgstr "Cena"

    Then you will create .mo file using Poedit and name it like “”. Then move it to lang folder.

    Btw I translated part of czech language, but months still are not translated . I have no clue why. Other thigs are translated correctly.


    Hi Tomas,

    I was not able download your .pot file at that url. Petr is correct about the method for making the right files, however, I have never used PoEdit, so I can’t offer advice there.

    With the special characters, it is usually best to replace them with html entities. Here’s a good lookup engine for entities:

    There are lots of lists of entities around, but I must admit I could not find an r caron (from your list) right away.

    Whenever someone gets a translation ready for production, the best is to post a link or email the .po and .mo files to Shane. His email is at



    Did you translate the months in the new .pot, and then find that they didn’t translate live on the plugin? Previous versions of the .pot did not include months. I’ve now included them in the new .pot, so I’m trying to figure out if my fix worked or not.


    Hi Peter and Justin,
    thank you for your help. I have translated the *.pot file with Peter’s recommended editor. I put it in lang directory and it works fine. But there is a problem with months because they are not translated in spite of the fact I did translation in pot file. I had to translate it in php file but it doesn’t display czech special characters.
    I will send these files to Shane.
    This file I put also here.
    There is unother problem. It is not possible to rename “Events” category. I renamed it in seetings of categories and I had to change this name also in php file.

    Can you tell me when the POT-file are ready for translation. I´ll be glad to help with the swedish translation, but I rather wait until you are ready with all the changes.

    It would be nice to distribute the file together with 1.5.5

    Yes, I had the same problem as globus had. Translated months in new pot file – made new mo file – but these months then still were not translated on page.

    I just tested and the months do translate with the new POT file. I’m guessing it’s failing for some because the new POT references new calls in the other plugin files. In other words, Kaj is right in that it’s best to just get the new POT in a release along with everything else.

    Thanks for bearing with us as we try to figure out translation for the first time.

    I noticed in the .pot and subsequent .po files, each entry of a term has a line number associated with it. When we make updates to the plugin files, these line numbers will inevitably change. I’m about to test whether or not this would introduce translation bugs. Does anyone already know?

    EDIT: I tested cases where the .po line numbers do not match with the gettext calls in the plugin files, and confirmed that the translations in the .po file still work properly. This means that translators only have to update .po and .mo files when we release a new .pot file, not every time we fix a bug. Sorry for the didactic spiel if you already knew this.


    Hello everybody,
    I downloaded THE EVENTS CALENDAR!
    looks great!
    I have 1 problem.
    How do i change the settings that all the text of the calender on my site is in Dutch?

    I can’t find the correct tips to change it.

    preview of my site:

    thanx in advance

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