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  • Hi, I’ve been trawling through all of the calendars and this one really fits my needs! Great work.

    Just one question: I wanted to have a quick view calendar on my home page. Looking similar to the standard calendar that comes with wordpress, where you can click on the day and get all events for that day, or click on the month and just get events for that month. Is that possible? If not I wondered if customisation to this effect is possible? I guess I could just restyle the css of the calendar that comes as part of this plugin, but I would still need to change the code so that it didn’t display the event titles on that particular day but rather made that day clickable to link to a page with all events on that day.

    I do develop in PHP, so wondered if customisation is possible and any pointers would help.



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  • …Also in customising the above I would want to keep an instance of the diary as you have designed it originally so whatever customisation I did I would need to do it to a copy of the calendar.

    I don’t want much do I?


    I’ve been looking through some of the posts on this forum and realised that a few people are asking the same questions. I’m wondering whether it’s a case of customising the wordpress calendar widget to fit with the events calendar.

    Yes it seems all I need to do is get the standard wordpress calendar to display the events on the date of the event rather than the date I published them. It’s still handling the events as posts. So just need to work that out and then I’m sorted.

    Almost got it sorted. I didn’t use the wordpress standard calendar widget but rather an instance of the events calendar – calendar view. Not quite finished, been down plenty of wrong turns and still got a couple of hurdles to overcome, but almost there.

    I would also love to be able to have a dedicated page for the events calendar but have a smaller (i.e. thumbnail) version displayed in the sidebar on my homepage. I’m not averse to php, so if you would let me know how it goes and possibly post what you’ve done I would love to see it.


    When I last looked the plugin was ready for an update and it said that it now provides a mini calendar yet still no sign of it. I have created my own from the plugin files and it works very well, doesn’t alter any of the existing plugin files and is mostly self contained, yet it may need some streamlining of any superfluous scripting. I’ll try and post it but maybe it’s a waste of time and the mini calendar is already provided and I’ve just not found it. If someone could let me know whether they have found it or not then maybe I’ll post it or not if you see what I mean.

    From what I’ve read they are concentrating on developing and supporting the pro/paid version of this plugin.

    It also doesn’t have a sidebar calendar widget.

    ok well I’ve read their latest comments, thanks for the link. If this was something that was only going to appear in their paid version of the plugin then I would not feel happy about posting a mini calendar fix. I love the spirit of wordpress and the community of developers and wouldnt want to get in the way of these guys getting paid for the work they do. However, as they say it’s not something that is in their list of immediate things to do then maybe I can post it? It’s not a piece of coding that has any finesse involved or indeed you could class as poetry so if I’ve got five mins I’ll put it up.

    cannon303, I’d be very interested in trying out your mini-calendar fix if you have a few minutes to post it. thanks!!

    Hey I am interested also. Please share your mini calendar fix! Thanks!

    ok I’ll try and post it in the next day or two.

    Just keeping an eye on this thread in case I missed the mini-calendar…

    I am watching too. I have a feeling that this could be very popular!

    almost there but it’s probably a bit big to include all of the code on this page so I’ll zip the php files and link them to here.

    Ok here are the instructions and download files on my site.

    Be warned there is a bit of fudging going on with some of the scripting and as WordPress says code is poetry – I personally wouldn’t go that far here but let me know what you think and if you have a mod then included it and maybe we can make it better.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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