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  • Same happended to me! :/
    After i updated it i could not see any event. Looking for a fix i found in the plugin a button to transfer al the data into the new system so i did. All my events were moved BUT with a different path so that was horrible!

    I had a back-up a few days old so i lost just a week of data!

    Our provider has daily back-ups, but we are still making haste slowly.
    With the link to the plug-in directory showing older versions, I think our next step is to FTP the older version to see if it will link to the database again.
    I think our developer should not have made this major re-write an automatic update. Either keep it as Pro or Pro (minus), fork it into a slightly different name and leave us with the older version.
    Might have sold more Pro versions that way.
    Frankly, $50 is a hit to our little volunteer organization.
    We do, however, have several people with WP experience pooling our experience, so it will probably take us another couple of days before we all focus on the recovery and act on it.
    Still, the developer needs to know his previous good reputation from a good product is now shot all to hell. Even if I had $50 play money, I don’t think I would upgrade to his next level product.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hi Granpasmurf,

    I’m sorry that your are facing this issue. Events 2.0 is a huge update, and I wish WordPress enabled us to offer a more cautious upgrade approach, but that button push is how WordPress works. We are trying to force a warning in there for 2.0.1 (but haven’t had any luck yet).

    The good news is that your events are not gone. If you want to revert – every previous version is here:

    If you decide to move foreword – there is a migrate data button in the settings that should take care of it for you. I posted a bunch of tips (and some warnings) at another thread:

    @ut99x, you can control the event slugs in the event settings and make it whatever you like. Unless you have a very unusual permalink structure, you should most likely be able to recreate it.

    We recovered yesterday by deleting 2.0, then re-installing the 1.64 from downloaded Zip. The older version located the database as before and we are back to normal. We didn’t need the back-up after all. After I gathered my wits I realized we have twice a day rolling back-ups on two Administrator’s personal PCs, so, there was a way to get data. We use a calendar agenda widget on the front page and many of our folks trust it to keep up with meetings, so…
    Yeah, I have gotten lax in doing last minute back-up before updates. I usually do so before a WordPress update, but I have been trusting the automatic button for plug-ins. I just hit it at the beginning of a work session and move on. But that was last week and from now on, …BACK’IN-UP!
    Shane, thanks for your message and concern. WordPress should have a way to allow attention getting warnings for those special cases. Maybe an easy roll-back like MS has for drivers would be in order.
    I am sending your site URL and the link you just gave to a couple of volunteers who post to our calendar. If we can make use of the 2.0 enhancements, we will attack it next weekend with the migration feature.
    Though your update gave me some exciting moments in phone calls with a couple of our board members this weekend, I am pleased you moved some of your Pro features down to the Free version. Thanks.
    We also will be looking carefully at the Pro version, since one of the board members shot his mouth off about possibly paying for it!

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Granpop – are you a non-profit? If so, ping me at and we can add you to the waiting list for a possible sponsorship exchange.

    Shane Pearlman

    I can not control the event slugs in the event settings and make it whatever i like. Because I have a permalink structure by year and month, so every event has different estructure if they are from a different month.

    So i will keep the old version.


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