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  • This has been discussed but I’ve not seen a resolution. Can someone help?

    The ‘EVENT LIST’ button navigates to /events and brings up the Event List as expected. From the Single Page view the ‘Back to Events’ link also returns to the correct page (also /events). I can’t get the Calendar View button to work, though. The link shows that it goes to /events/month; however, that throws a 404. I’ve been futzing with this for hours and can’t figure out where the calendar view would be (I’d hardwire the link if I had to and knew the path!)

    Any ideas out there?
    Fingers crossed. TIA

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  • I’ve given up on this issue! At least for the time being.

    I couldn’t figure out a solution (even though I’d seen it working perfectly on some other sites, which just made it more frustrating :).

    So, my temporary solution has been to remove those buttons from the calendar and remove the previous and next links from beside the month/year drop down.

    Don’t need List View for this project. Maybe it’s Thesis Theme integration or something.

    PS: Still would appreciate any input or direction from anyone.

    Hey Bill,

    I’m facing the same issue. Haven’t fixed it yet but this post gives a clue:

    The exact month link is supposed to look like this:

    Going direct to the link works for me.. but now how do we fix the button?


    Okay, I managed to muck around with the code to get it working except for the Previous Link (found at the bottom of the Events List page) so I removed everything starting from line 89 to 113 in list.php.

    For the months / calendar links, edit template-tags.php in the plugin folder and replace the existing code with the following lines of code:

    line 630:

    return trailingslashit( $link ) . '?eventDate='.$spEvents->nextMonth( $spEvents->date ).'&eventDisplay=month';

    line 650:

    return trailingslashit( $link ) . '?eventDate='.$spEvents->previousMonth( $spEvents->date ).'&eventDisplay=month';

    line 675:

    return trailingslashit( $link ) . '?eventDate='.date("Y").'-'.date("m").'&eventDisplay=month';

    line 688:

    return trailingslashit( $link );

    Found the cause of the problem! Its the “prettify” option under the events calendar settings. Turn it off and I think everything else will work 🙂

    Great job, kristyc. It also solved why the calendar view worked for me, but EVENT LIST brought up a 404.

    You get a 404? Strange, it works for me. Have you tried going direct to the link to see if it works?

    Event List link should look like:

    I’m not getting a 404 but the list isn’t appearing. Does anybody have an idea why? The calendar works fine but it doesn’t display any list in list view?

    Where is the “prettify” option, I don’t have it in “The Events Calendar Settings” page?

    The prettify option is formally called “Use Pretty URLs” and is the last option under the Event Calendar settings page :

    Have you tried replacing the lines of code already?

    Thanks very much. I don’t have that setting. All I have is these:

    Default View for the Events
    Default View for the Events Calendar
    Event List

    Show Comments
    Show Comments Yes

    Default Country for Events
    Display Events on Homepage
    Display Events on Homepage Off On

    Embed Google Maps
    Embed Google Maps Off On Height Width (number or %)

    Feature on Event Date
    Feature on Event Date Off On

    This option will bump an event to the top of the homepage loop on the day of the event.

    Hmm.. maybe they removed the option from the latest version. Have you tried replacing the code as posted above (3 months ago)?

    Be sure to back up the file though.. since its different, I’m not sure if the codes have changed.

    I’ll have a go at that. Thanks for your help!

    tried that but it’s not working:

    going to have to give up on this soon… can’t understand why it won’t display anything

    A quick & dirty fix might be to just use the older version of the plugin.. the one that worked (albeit after modifications) 3 months ago?

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