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    After months of searching for a good calendar for publishing events, i found yours! You guys made my day!

    It works smoothly, even though i have not figured out every aspect of the plugin.

    This evening i have mostly made a translation of the plugin to swedish. But i have also tried to publish some events.

    Maybe i have just missed something, but i have some questions:

    1. Is it possible to post an event ONLY to the events calendar, and not to the regular blog posts? How do i do that?

    2. Can i change the coding so that the week will start with monday? (Thats how we do it in Sweden)

    3. In Sweden we only use 24-hour system. It would be nice if the plugin supported that on the dropdowns in the meta box (adminpages). Is that possible?

    Im sure i will have some more questions later, but for now i just want to say: great job guys, i will support this project as much as i can!

    / Kaj

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  • Yes, i should probably have wrote this here, where it belongs. But my questions remains the same…

    Cheers! / Kaj

    That’s fantastic!! What do you need us to do in order to bundle in the translation. While we have tried to be good about adding _e to all labels, I’m sure some got missed. We probably also need ot make a .po file. Anything else?

    #1. You are the second person to make that request. Off the top of my head, there is no simple way to automagically do it without touching your general loop template. ( Let me toss it around with the other contributors and see what we come up with. When WP 3.0 comes out, with the new post types it might be a straight forward affair.

    #2. I’ll add that request to the queue and we can put it in settings.

    #3. I don’t see why not. I’ll add it to the queue.

    Btw – if you are a coder and do these, we will gladly add your patches.

    No, unfortunaly im not a coder. Im just a newbie at this, but i think i got the translation to swedish right. I do have some small translation issues left, for example i cant find where to change the name of the month in the calendar grid. You can see it here:

    “January” should be “Januari” in swedish, and so on.

    Its bedtime here, but i can send you some screendumps tomorrow. Probably you cant check my spelling in swedish, but you can see if i have changed all visible text.

    Of course you can have the translated files, if you want to bundle them. That would be an honor to make a small contribution in that way.

    Good night!

    / Kaj

    Thanks Kaj. We would love the translate files and will credit you.

    Hella again Shane.

    I have translated the php-files to swedish, but maybe it would be a better solution if you created a po- and mo-file, so i could do the translation in there. That would probably be preferad by others.

    And now i have another request…

    It would be very nice to have the ability to duplicate an event, and then just change a single detail, for example the date.

    In my case i want to call people to a meeting, every month, on the same location and same time. Its just the date that i would like to change.

    And btw… i found a workaround to one of my issues, to exclude events from the normal blogposts.

    I used a plugin called “Advanced Category Excluder”, and that worked just fine.

    Thanks for the tip Kaj. I’ll try to make a Po file today or tomorrow and get it to you.

    & to me 🙂

    The .po and .mo files are now included in the latest release of both the calendar and eventbrite plugins. Have at em folks. When you are done and satisfied, send me a copy of those file and I’ll include them in the next release. You can find my email on our website home page at

    Hi there, and thanks for the PO and MO-file.

    I will begin translating now, but i must ask: Is it really necessary to translate everything? I mean the country-names?

    / Kaj

    I don’t think you need to translate everything but I’m not sure. The PO file just grabs everything. Though I would consider changing some of them eventually. I say, go with what you want to start and it can get expanded over time.

    The countries gets intense, but they differ in ever language:

    English: Germany
    French: Allemagne
    Spanish: Alemania

    Transelating the Event Calender Plugin to other languages?

    In that case, im interested in getting the plugin to Norwegian!
    What may i do to help you?

    wait till the next release (in qa now). Then grab the pot file from the /lang/ folder and use poedit to go through the file.

    when do you think it will be redy?

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