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  • Howdy,

    I apologize but I do not understand what the issue is? Can you provide more details?

    Howdy Shane,

    Thanks for the response.

    I can get the “Events Calendar Settings” page from my dashboard but that’s all.

    I can’t find in the documentation what to do next. How do I put the calendar on a page? How do I add events? How do I get it to look nice and neat like yours?

    I have nothing but the one page on my dashboard. I’m sure I’m missing something basic and that is why I am completely lost.

    Best, Pam

    Hi Pam,

    Events show up as posts filed under the “Events” category, which the plugin automatically creates. Now, when you create a post, there appears the question “Is this post an event?”. Answering yes to that reveals a form for filling in info about your event. Hope this helps.


    Hi Justin,

    Thanks! The clouds parted and light got in. Of course, it worked as you described.

    May I trouble you once more to explain how I would get the calendar on page of it’s own?

    Or perhaps you could tell me where the documentation resides then I wouldn’t have to ask so many questions.

    Thanks again, Pam

    I’m totally with Pam – a lot of WordPress plugins a missing very, very basic documentation. Help?

    Pam – I’ve got it. It will depend on your permalink structure, but I set my options for the Default View to ‘event list.’ Then I created a few posts that I marked as an event as above.

    Then, the magic: go to your category page for whatever category you are organising the info under (mine is ‘events’). There’s a button on the top right to switch between views.

    For example, my event is at and the calendar page is . <– (literal, not a placeholder example like /category/happenings/January)

    Boy that’s kind of hard to explain. I hope I helped make it clearer. I’d provide links, but I’m not going live just yet.

    Hi argraff,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I have been out of town and am now behind but will look at your instructions in the next couple of days. I really appreciate the help!

    If I can’t make it work I may just create an old fashioned table.

    My guess is that, like artists, developers want to develop and documentation is not the fun part of the job. There are many plug ins that are documented nicely. Those get more support because they are more usuable…my newbie theory for what it’s worth.

    Ciao, Pam

    I had installed the calendar, and created an event… but still couldn’t see anything on the website. I had to create a link to the /events/ directory.

    I’m also having trouble. I’ve uploaded the plugin, activated it, and added the “Events Calendar” and “Events List” widgets to my right sidebar.

    In the Settings for “The Events Calendar” I’ve set the Default View to “Calendar”. Changing it to “Event List” does not appear to make a difference with my problem.

    When I create a new post, the option to make it an event is there and I’m able to set the time, date, etc. However, when I click “Publish”, there’s a delay while the post would appear to be created, but when the screen refreshes back to the Edit Posts page, the post does not appear in the list. More importantly, there are no events listed in the right sidebar of the blog, even though I’ve created many test event posts.

    Obviously I’m new at this and I could sure use some help. I’m using WP 2.9.2, the latest version of Atahualpa theme, and PHP5.



    Hi Felix,

    I’m impressed with your site. Very clean, aesthetic and clearly well thought out.

    This may be too obvious but I have to ask…did you hit the down arrow on the events list widget and check those settings?

    Haven’t got the calendar totally figured out myself either but thought this may help.

    Pam 🙂

    Hi Pam,

    Thanks for your comments. When I click the down arrow on the widget I have the following settings:

    Events Calendar: assigned a title of “Community Calendar”. No other options avaialble.

    Events List Widget: title is “Upcoming Events”, show “5” events, and the following boxes are checked: Start Date, Venue, and City.

    I hope the developers are reading this thread.


    OK, trying out some more things and encountering weird behavior:

    There was an event post that would not go to Trash when I clicked that link and it remained listed as a Draft. I finally logged in to my database and deleted it manually from there. OK, all garbage removed, tiem to try the Events Calendar again.

    Created a new post, marked it as an Event, filled in some date, time, and location info, and clicked Publish.

    The screen refreshes and I see the new post in the Edit Posts list but it’s listed as a Draft and doesn’t show up on the website. So I go to Edit the post and nothing happens – the screen refreshes back to the list.

    So I try the Quick Edit, which does let me access the post, and I change the Draft setting to Published. But when I click Update Post I get a message Error While Saving Changes and the post remains unchanged.

    Once again, I cannot send the draft post to Trash so I’ll have to manually delete from the database again.

    What on earth is going on??

    Duh! I just got it.

    If you click on “View All Events” from the sidebar widget you get the calendar.

    Now if I could put that on a static page so that people could navigate to it directly…

    Hey Felix,

    I went back to the home page and found that in the example calendar Shane and Peter are in Panama and are scheduled to return today.

    Maybe we’ll get some answers over the weekend.


    All settled now.

    I found the perfect solution here:


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