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  • Hi Ruhrgebiet,

    1. Install and activate the plugin.
    2. Create an event, and view the event on your live website.
    3. Copy the URL. Should look like:
    4. Create a page, example: “Events”
    5. Edit “Page Links To” with the URL you copied. Save.
    6. You’re done. Click on “Events” in your navigation bar of homepage.

    Step 2> Create an event – but where? View the event on your website? Again, where?

    And how does this link to Ical?

    I’ve activated the plugin, created a page for it. How do add the calendar to that page? And then presumably “enter an event.” ??

    thanks ahead for your help

    Jazbo –

    Step 2. Create a blog post, and under your text area there is the ability to select the radio button that makes this blog post an event.

    I got to step number 5.

    Edit “Page Links To” is where….

    If you have installed and activated the plugin (Step 1) I also assume you read the instructions and viewed the screen shots from the plugin’s website at

    The screenshot third from the bottom of that page indicates that you create an event by creating a new post. Once you publish this event/post you should see it on your site somewhere.

    Look in the upper right of your WordPress dashboard for a “Screen Options” tab. Select all the check boxes to display all options while creating a new post or editing existing ones.

    @rootedup – everything except slugs was selected and I don’t see anything that says “Page Links To” – is this a plug-in you are talking about that I may not have installed?

    Same here, Aardvark. I have no idea what they’re talking about. There is no “Page Links To” option my Event options. Any answer yet?

    Sorry, Page Links to is built in to a Template I am using (my bad).

    You can probably find a way to use custom fields to do this, or by using a theme that has it built in, like “Mu” from the ThemeLoom.

    Hey I found a plugin that does this too…

    I’ve followed the instructions here and found the calendar display page (under ‘events’ category. Not intuitive but found it – note I did have previous posts on my site using a category ‘events’ and it caused problems until I removed all of them.

    I entered two ‘events’ (posts) for this month and they appear on the calendar. However, the calendar’s directional links for previous and next month as well as the links for “Event List” and “Calendar” lead to 404 errors.

    This looks like a promising plugin but I think the documentation is severely lacking and confusing.

    I have no idea, nor can I find any documentation, on how to use this plugin properly, yet every where I look, people are recommending it. Does anyone have a link to some simple documentation? When I follow the steps here, I end up with a really unattractive looking event and a 404 for all events.


    It is a bit confusing at first, but I’ve implemented it on 3 websites now, so I’m sort of a pro :)) Basically, as soon as you activate it, it automatically creates an Events category for you. Create a post, assign it to the Events category, and that’s it. It’ll show up in the Events List and on the Calendar.

    The Calendar and Event List will be visible on the Events category pages: and, respectively.

    The thing to remember is that the plugin doesn’t use the regular WordPress category template. It uses list.php for the event list, single.php for single events, and gridview.php for the full calendar, so those are the files you need to edit to make changes. These files are all in the plugin folder, but it helps to copy them into your themes directory, so you always have original copies of them which are replaced when you update. Create a folder named events in your theme’s directory and put those files in there (along with the widget display one) and you’re good to go.

    @dcutri – Thank you!! I wasn’t figuring this out, either, but your post helped immensely.

    You don’t happen to know how to make the calendar (grid view) display as the site’s front page, do you?

    @dccutri – Thanks!

    However, and this is going to make me sound like a total spaz. How do I insert the calendar in to an actual page??

    I have created several events but what are the steps I need to do to .

    Do I insert this URL ( somewhere in the main body of the page? HTML Box? In the custom fields? Somewhere else?

    Pretty confused,

    If I recall correctly, I had to create (or navigate to) the page, and tell it to use that template. (On the page where you create a “Page,” there should be a drop-down in the right column that lets you select the template.)

    I found that I couldn’t add anything to the page, though. (Couldn’t add text to the top or anything.) I imagine I could edit the CSS files to do that, but that’s a lot more work!


    Just figured it out thanks. So once you have installed it and created a page called calendar or events you just need to point it towards the calendar content using the following means:

    1: Install plugin ‘Page Links To’
    2: Paste URL in to the Page Links To field on your chosen Page.

    Now the visual aspect is all a bit all over the shop but I guess thats another question for another post..

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