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  • hi mykkal
    same happened to me. the events are all in, but not visible, i.e. the event calendar is not visible, therefore, it will just display single upcoming events, but not a whole calendar.

    convert them back. and install the older plugin back. worked perfectly

    I can tell you guys how to make it work with the new structure if you want just use this code…

    so you will see and use the custom post type categories and the normal ‘post’ type categories on your sidebar. After adding this code my homepage worked correctly like before. It was such a pain to to figure out how to implement my homepage to pull in the new custom post type categories. Here is all the code I have added to my functions.php to get everything working properly with the original categories and also keeping the new ones too from the events plugin.

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    So you can work with both list of categories. The word ‘event’ is used to maintain the because if you don’t have the slug your using… it will revert it to giving you 404s on all your homepage links or where ever. I just switched out the words demo starting at the word ‘name’ and worked down to ‘not found in trash’ and replaced it with the appropriate “event” or “events” so it made sense in your dashboard menu/sidebar.

    I added it directly below the following line, which is first in your functions.php

    <?php wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’);

    So essentially you will see original categories and custom post type categories when creating a new event. (this might be restated, sorry ha)

    use this plugin first.. convert them and then install the old plugin version of the events calendar back in.

    use this plugin first.. convert them and then install the old plugin version of the events calendar back in

    Great idea! thanks for that.

    I’d like to thank the author for responding as well. However i think it is fair to make the plugin available in the ‘normal post type’ form as well. Many of us displayed every post as a plugin. And now your plugin has changed peoples permalink structure…Affecting Categories, tags, and SEO.

    As for me… Every post was an event. So your plugin is causing many 404 errors. And the sites navigation no longer works.

    so the category “events” is no longer a category but a post? how do I make the changes – convert a category into a post?
    all my events are in place, I cannot revert to the older version for I did NOT back-up before migration. shows up perfectly… but where do I have to do the change, as events was a category – i.e. so the calendar shows up when I hit EVENTI in the Main menu bar?

    guys, I found it! added a new events PAGE to the Menu and deleted the category. seems to work for me. 🙂

    I’m not sure what is being asked.

    I originally migrated without backing up also, but with that plugin i listed.. you can install it .. go to our tools in dashboard and find this plugin.

    Convert all the “tribe-events” to “Post” via this plugin to get them out of the custom post type structure called “events” and back into your “post structure” from there delete the 2.0 plugin by unstalling and deleting all files for it. Get an older version of the plugin and install that such as 1.6.5 via this link

    In other terms this will allow you to unmigrate or migrate back to the old structure… how ever you want to put it.

    At that point you should be back.

    I believe you are correct when you say that “event” is no longer a category but now a Custom Post.

    Just simply paste what I had into functions php and you should be able to see all your migrated posts on the homepage in 2.0 and it will even allow you to use all your ‘Post’ type categories when adding a new event. The new events calendar shows categories.. but they are entirely different than the ‘Post’ type ones because they fall under ‘event categories’ not plain categories under the ‘post tab’ of dashboard. Using that code will add in the old ones also.

    Hey there Hansomeman,

    Thanks for your help. That did work for me. What I was trying to address is that the events calendar is a great plugin…However I think they need to account for the structure their users are currently using. Many of us like using the regular post types for our events and because there has been so much time between the last updates we should have that option.

    New users of the plugin would probably have no issue using the new post types or format but it has been extremely successful the way it was before.

    We’d like to continue using it in the future versions of WordPress.This can only be guaranteed if the plugin author supports it.

    Glad it helped! Yea I totally agree. I also noticed after getting thie 2.0 plugin.. google wasn’t scanning the event posts I created with 2.0 like they did with the 1.6.5 post structure. As soon as I switched back google scanned the event post I had created in the 2.0 structure. The structure in the normal 1.6.5 is much better for google it seems because it keeps to the post type. 2.0 discourages me if i want google to scan my posts. I just think overall the 1.6.5 will be more beneficial for awhile. I think I’m going to not upgrade anymore and maybe considered the plugin when it is mastered. I would have liked to see the 1.6.5 kept as in with some more upgrades instead of switching to custom post types for events.

    Yep… we’re in total agreement there. Hopefully the authors pay attention to our conversations… Though I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me think they have.

    Yea… hopefully they stumble across very soon. It was a ballsy move to release 2.0 I must say.



    They have actually been very active and response on these kind of issues, even though in the end they called people like you and me, who much prefer the way TEC 1.6 operates, a “vocal minority”.

    They are just dead set on the using custom post types, and have shown no inclination of going back the other way. 🙁

    Still, they are accepting the various hacks to display their custom post types on the front page and possibly reincorporate categories as handsomeman has done. They’ve already listed Jonas Grumby’s patch on their blog.

    However, I just find 1.65 to be a much better solution — everything more or less just works. Multiple user draft and publishing, category listings, compatibility with other plugins, front page presence, it all just work(ed). To hear that Google won’t even properly find or index 2.x event postings just makes it worse. But I guess this is essentially the same issue Jonas raised about SEO…

    They have actually been very active and response on these kind of issues, even though in the end they called people like you and me, who much prefer the way TEC 1.6 operates, a “vocal minority

    Wow…they think they can implement a change in permalink structure (which ruins search rankings) and we’ll continue to use their plugin?

    I remember a social network called myspace being that arrogant. They’re pretty much losing money & USERS by the hour now…

    I will just look for a way to continue without their plugin at some point in the future.

    @handsomeman: thanks for the code, but I am a simple user and I am soooo afraid to mess up things by copying your code in the function.php, way too difficult for me. I also could not manage to re-install the older version, altough I did try.
    I will leave the calendar as it is, i.e. the new version for some time. but I will keep on reading your new findings…

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