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    I’ve been in the “vocal minority” of people who prefer the “events are posts” philosophy of TEC 1.6 (the now-deprecated and unsupported version).

    Maybe I’m just missing something, and maybe I’m approaching calendaring from the wrong angle. I don’t have that much experience with WordPress sites. So rather than whining about it, I’d like to learn how other people use their site’s calendar along with the rest of their site’s functionality.

    Here is a perfect example. This is quite real. Today, unexpectedly, my client asked me to post an event announcement and invitation for a party. They are not really aware of the details of TEC 1.x or 2.x and we’re more or less a brand new site.

    They wrote to me “we would like to post the xx/xx/2011 party invitation on the website. It should go on the Calendar but also I want to upload the actual invitation so that people can print it out and mail us the RSVP slip with their money if they would like to attend.”

    So using our existing TEC 1.6 site, all I had to do was:

    1. Click Add New Post.

    2. Enter text describing the event.

    3. Click “Yes” to “Is this post an event”, and fill in the date, time, and venue.

    4. Select multiple categories to assign to this post (Parties, Important, etc.)

    5. Use the standard WP “Add Media” button to upload the PDF of the invitation, automatically creating an embedded link in the post body.

    6. Select one of our logo images as the Featured Image.

    7. Post it.

    Now our front page features it (and its Featured Image) under our “Important Posts” widget, in our TEC Upcoming Events widget, in our Recent Updates list, and of course on the actual TEC calendar page. All through the creation of that single post. It’s also present in our various category-driven top level pull-down menus, e.g. “Our Activities, Parties”. (This is why I love WordPress categories.)

    I have NOT tried doing this with TEC 2.x, so I am truly ignorant on this and am asking you folks:

    a. How would you accomplish the above with TEC 2.x, and/or

    b. What different practical/philosophical approach would you take to posting and integrating the above content on your own site?

    While I expect it would be considerably less convenient to post this invitation in TEC 2.x, maybe I’m just stuck thinking about things in the wrong way and/or expecting too much — how would you have handled this?

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  • It’s true that you can no longer get the event links to show up under Recent Posts, in the tag cloud, the old Events category link no longer shows the calendar, etc. However, you can still use the Upcoming Events widget or write your own code to display your events in the sidebar like I explained here:

    Allegedly version 2.0.2 will support template tags which will make it easier to write your own code to display the events info the way you want to.

    Shane also posted my code here for getting the events to show on the home page:

    So, the only thing you have really lost is the redundancy of having the link to your event in multiple places in the sidebar, and the ability to cross-post to multiple categories (which is supposedly bad for SEO anyway). If you do happen to use a tag cloud, the contents of it will change too, which is another SEO / keyword issue.

    You can see in my example of code for posting events on the home page that I included is_tag() in the hope that eventually events will be able to have tags again. Note that you can add or substitute other qualifiers to that line like taxonomy_exists(), is_attachment() or any other “condition” as described here to make your events info show up where you want it to:




    Thanks for the reply, Jonas. I don’t care about “SEO” (which I still consider a BS spammy concept for sites that don’t provide value), and we’re a local not-for-profit that doesn’t run ads anyway.

    The multiple categories are critical to the way we use the site — we love that a single post can be referenced in multiple contexts. (For example, newspaper articles about a previous event share the same category as the event announcement itself, photo galleries of the event, etc.)

    We don’t display recent posts on the home page (other than the sidebar references), so I don’t know that your cool home page hack is relevant for me?

    And it’s not just the sidebars, it’s the pull down menus from the main navigation bar (which are of course category-driven).

    So unless I’m missing something it seems like a nightmare adding new event content under 2.x versus the 7 straightforward steps I mentioned above…



    Just want to add that the folks posting at made me reconsider the “SEO” issue. Even if one is not using ads or trying to game Google, it’s pretty significant if TEC 2.x posts don’t get indexed at all!

    That’s what the two posters there seem to be saying — is that different from your experience, Jonas?

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