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  • Previous to upgrading WP to 3.1 I had installed The Event Calendar, but had to hack the code to get both the sidebar Widget and the main content Gridview calendar to work correctly. Essentially the loop was being called twice (I believe) and corrupting the month being displayed. I “think” my original fix was to store the first call for posts to a variable and then restore it after the gridview, but it’s been a while and I forget the exact fix (although I think it’s still posted on the forum here somewhere).

    I did the WP update and then decided to try upgrading TEC. Well exactly the same problem occurred. I can’t use the same fix because the new TEC code is done differently and I’m not really an expert coder.

    I’ve had to revert the main content calendar to List View (which works), but essentially, when I have the Widget on the sidebar AND the Grid View shows, then the calendar will get stuck on the current month, even if you try to navigate to a different month.

    Disable the Widget and the Grid View works fine.

    Here is where the GridView should show on the site:$

    Any ideas on what I should do to make sure the two calls to the Loop don’t conflict?

    Any help is greatly appreciate!

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  • Hope this helps point someone in the right direction:

    I was able to fix this by reversing the positions of the Main Calendar Grid and the sidebar that loads the widget. If the Grid View of The Events Calendar loads first on my Custom Template, and then the Sidebar The Events Calendar Widget is loaded and displayed, then there is no conflict between the two.

    In the process I discovered another problem in the code of the file

    datepicker.php that generates the javascript dropdown for picking a new calendar grid.

    Code Line 8 reads $link .= '&eventDisplay=month&eventDate=';

    but in my case it needs to read $link .= '?eventDisplay=month&eventDate='; in order to function correctly.

    THank you! This reeeeaaaallly helped me!

    Any idea how to get the sidebar to display with Events as an active state?

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