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  • Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Hello wonderful and caring community,

    We could use some help with qa on 1.6. It is getting close. I have two tiny features left (don’t worry Kaj, I will get those widget changes in before we release like I promised) and a handful of bugs. Perhaps the more daring of you might be open to grabbing a copy of trunk now that things are more or less stable and letting us know where things are great and where they blow up!

    The changelog is totally incomplete as I need to get back to work and can’t transcribe everything from redmine. I’ll make sure its polished before we release 1.6. That said, this should give you an idea what we have been up to.

    As for what’s next, we’ll fix bugs on 1.6 once it goes out and for 1.7 move this into custom post types once 3.0 is out and stable (any day).

    I want to thank those of you who have submitted patches, translations and more. You rock and are truly what I love about the wordpress community.

    If you are going to be at wordcamp SF this Saturday, look me up. Ping me on twitter @justlikeair.

    DOWNLOAD The Events Calendar 1.6 Beta A:

    = 1.6 =


    * Child Theme support
    * iCal Feed of all events now accessible using http://<yourUrlHere&gt;.com/?ical
    * Setting to include / exclude events from general loop
    * Subcategories in events now behave properly! (and include some css for your creative endeavors)
    * Get Events function no longer starts its own loop (significantly reduce conflicts with other plugins)
    * Added class to current day
    * PHP versions older than 5.1 will fail gracefully
    * Uninstall file


    * German [Felix Bartels]
    * Brazilian Portuguese [Thiago Abdalla]
    * Dutch [Sjoerd Boerrigter]
    * Spanish [Los Jethrov]
    * Updated to Swedish Translation [Kaj Johansson]


    * in single.php, the Back to Events link no longer strictly goes to the grid view, but adheres to the default few option -pointed out by azzatron on the forum
    * google map link is now produced with minimal information, complete address is no longer needed, W3C-compatible output
    ** tec_event_address() added for easy echoing of the event address
    ** thanks to AntonLargiader and azizur on forum
    * improvement and debugging of entire error catching and displaying system
    * Fixes upcoming/past sorting issue
    ** thanks to Elliot Silver for the financial support to get this ironed out!

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  • Have tried the beta but as all the events-calender features disappeared from my site I have reverted to previous version of the plugin.

    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    That weird. I just tried a fresh wp3 nightly build and applied the plugin with no issues.

    Steve, can you give me more details about your setup?


    For updates, release information and tips about our open source plugins, follow us on twitter @justlikeair.


    I installed the 1.6 public replacing the previous that I had download from trac. It worked except the following issues:

    In events calendar view the following error occurred:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampplite\htdocs\events\wp-content\plugins\the-events-calendar\views\table.php on line 120
    To correct this error (I think it is related with php short tags)
    in table.php line 114 I changed

    The events list widget didn’t showed events. To correct this issue in template-tags.php line 489 I changed
    $categoryId = get_query_var( ‘cat’ );
    $categoryId = get_cat_id( The_Events_Calendar::CATEGORYNAME );

    The Event List widget doesn’t show “Start Date & Time”, “End Date & Time”, “Venue”, “Address” and “Phone”. I noticed that in events-list-load-widget-display.php file these variables aren’t used.

    The “Event Calendar” widget isn’t available as the line 48 is commented in the events-calendar-widget.class.php file.

    Some other issues:
    The firefox freezes for a while when waiting to load the google map.
    The bubble box with relevant information is not showed in Google Chrome even though you click on the marker.

    I hope these helps you to bring a more stable version of your excellent plugin.


    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe


    We have made a few fixes thanks to your report!

    For updates, release information and tips about our open source plugins, follow us on twitter @justlikeair.

    Hi Shane,

    I just installed 1.6 Beta on a fresh install of WP 3.0-beta1. I’m using the Default theme with no other plugins activated.

    Here are some snags I’ve run into so far:

    – With “Use Pretty URLs” ON I either get 404 errors when trying to access the calendar and events list or WP seems to “sometimes” decide to just resolve /events/upcoming or events/month to simply /events. In that case all I can view is the Default View. Clicking for either Calendar or Events List just results in refreshing whatever the Default View is.

    – The “Events List Widget” is displaying no events no matter what I do. I’ve added several events and there is still nothing appearing in the widget.

    – The “Default Country for Events” doesn’t seem to want to work. No matter what I set it to in the plugin settings the drop down on the Add Post page remains blank to start.

    I also tried installing 1.6 on another site running WP 2.9.2 with a custom theme and a bunch of other plugins. It’s “Defualt Country for Events” worked fine but the other two issues remained.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    I just installed the 1.6 update and now my calendar is completely gone. I get a 404 on the old URL at category/events/month – no idea how to fix it. What a mess!

    Update: the issue is with the pretty URLs as stated above. The URL category/events works, but adding month gives a 404. Turning off pretty URLs allows everything to work, but with a different URL structure of course.

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