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  1. mgreis
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm trying to get my sidebar to appear with the-events-calendar plug-in. I've created my own /events directory within my theme. Here's the flow of this theme:


    • does get_header() - the header.php ends by opening div id=wrapper
    • opens div id=content
    • close div (content)
    • does get_sidebar()
    • does get_footer - which opens with </div> (presumably closing "wrapper")

    If I add a get_sidebar() call in one of the customized plugin files I created - e.g. single.php or gridview.php, I get my sidebar, but it simply flows after the calendar items down the same column.

    The calendar items do not take up the full screen - they appear to be leaving room for the sidebar - the sidebar text (and background, which is a different color) just doesn't appear there. So I thought that the problem was not the CSS for the calendar, but the placement of the get_sidebar() call.

    I tried putting the get_sidebar call in two places in the events calendar php files:

    • immediately before the plugin includes the theme's footer.php
    • just before the end of the tec-content div

    I have also tried moving the get_sidebar() in my theme files from the index.php to footer.php. I've tried:

    • moving it before the wrapper div gets closed
    • moving it after the wrapper div gets closed

    In all these cases, the results are the same for the pages created by the calendar plugin - the sidebar appears, but in the left column after the end of the calendar items.

    So, could this be a CSS problem? If so, where in the events calendar's CSS would I look? I'm not a CSS expert and the fact that the events calendar items seem to be leaving room for the sidebar leaves me stumped.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

  2. Shane Pearlman
    Modern Tribe
    Posted 5 years ago #

    can you share a link so someone can look at it?

  3. mgreis
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Sure - this is actually not the site I want to use the calendar for, but I am using the "Events" category on that one, so I didn't want to test there. There's just one item under "Events".

  4. mgreis
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Oops...the link I included didn't appear. Sorry about that. Here it is:


  5. mgreis
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I've now gotten this to work, although I'm not sure how robust my solution is.

    What I did was to change the id in the single.php, gridview.php and list.php from id=tec-content to id=content (the id used by the simple-blue there).

    I then added the get_sidebar() call to each of those files after the end of the tec-content div and(immediately before the call to the template's header

    Everything appears to work. That may be due to encapsulation working well in CSS or just luck. I don't seem to have lost anything in the calendar by doing this.

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