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  • So far, I love the plugin. I have been working with it and modifying it for the last few days. Still Have a long way to go though.

    A feature I would love to have is the ability to create an event that may span multiple days/times.

    For example I am working on a site for a Glass Blowing Studio. I am using the plugin so they can make an easy post about a new class being offered that will then sync up with all the event stuff. The classes normally run Saturday 10-5 Sunday 11-2. So right now when I create an event, I have to make it say the event is from Saturday 10am to Sunday 2 pm and then in the info on the event put the individual times. However, when looking at the calendar like this, of if you didn’t read the bottom of the event listing it can be confusing.

    Just a thought. The only way to do it right now is either how I am doing it or make 2 listings for the class, one on each day, but that would create even more confusion since it would make 2 posts

    But like i said, great plugin, the forums have helped a ton already, and i will probably be back with more questions

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  • @thelargebear

    I like your screen name. The ability to add multiple events without creating multiple posts is something that we hadn’t thought of and it’s not in the plans right now. We will definitely discuss that.

    Related to this is the ability to create recurring events, which is on the table, albeit for the not-so-near future. In our imaginations, a user would be able to set regular and irregular recurring events, which would enable what you’re wanting to do.

    Thanks for the suggestion and sorry that it’s only in the idea stage right now.


    no problem, just great to know that their are people out there working on this.

    Thanks on the screenname too, it is based on Ursa Major and is the name of the design blog i write on (not on wordpress though or i’d be installing this plugin over there too)

    I have been testing this plugin with much satisfaction. It’s quite simple and useful.

    On multi-day events, I would like to add my vote and a further suggestion in its display. Extended events look and read better as a graphic line that extends across the calendar day blocks. Events Calendar / Scheduler does this:

    The easier-but-uglier way to implement this is to simply repeat the title of the event in the calendar block for each day. The problem with this is that it clutters very quickly and makes for a messy calendar no one wants to decipher.

    An extreme example might be a playhouse with 2 or 4 week runs on a single play event. Each calendar day of that run then shows the same title crowding repeatedly with itself and any other events that might be displayed on the same day or days. A popular WP plugin that does this is Events Calendar:

    Thanks for considering and looking forward to any improvements in this elegant plugin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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