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  • Any way to create a page entitled ‘Event Calendar’ rather than making visitors click on the ‘View All Events’ in the sidebar?

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  • Just create a link anywhere you like in the menu that points to the events category loop. The format of that link will depend on the permalink structure you chose. Easiest way to know is simply to copy the link from the ‘View All Events’ in the sidebar.

    for example, it could be:


    Any way to make a short code for it?

    Thanks for your prompt replies Shane

    I guess we could but I’m not sure it adds that much value. You can find the link so many different ways and then just paste it into you menu. If we get enough requests we will.

    I guess maybe I’m confused on how to change the menu.

    What I’ve done is gone into my Page menu and clicked to edit my Event Calendar page.

    Directly under the subject line is a permalink. I tried to make this the same link to the actual event calendar but it wouldn’t work.

    What I need it to do:

    What its doing by default:

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again Shane.

    As best as I follow, the permalink you are changing has no effect on the menu itself. Most likely the menu it coded into your template and you need to change it there. I can’t tell you without seeing your template code (not source code).

    kissellj you should try

    I have used it before. It is meant for creating pages so they show up in menus, but that link to something other than the page themselves.

    Shane Pearlman


    We actually have a solution we have used for quite a while to easily manage menus without all the hoopla. Been thinking about open sourcing it and Peter picked up the plugin name “Menu” on friday (score). I don’t know when it will be out though but I’ll ask and check back.

    Peter Chester


    Shane, you inspired me to launch the plugin:



    Has anyone slapped together instructions for putting the list view on a page?

    I know this is probably a very simple thing and I’m a little embarrassed to be asking, but I’m new to this stuff (and I’m having a blast with WordPress too0.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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