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    When an event is entered, it is seen in the calendar and events view with the correct date and time. However, when I click to view the individual event, the date and time reflect the current date and time and the event shows as already passed. An example of this can be found at

    There is something in both themes which is impacting on The Events Calendar but not on other plugins. I am at a loss to determine what this might be and need some assistance.

    Actions already taken:
    1. Tested on alternate theme. The behaviour has recurred on two separate themes, provided by different vendors.
    2. Tested on 2011 theme. It functions correctly on the 2011 theme.
    3. Updated to 2.0.9
    4. Confirmed the WP settings relating to time and timezone.


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    I wonder if anyone has actually read this. I would consider moving to the pro version, if only for the add-ons. However, it it useless if it does not work with the theme.

    Is there anyone who can assist with this issue?

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi again Carey. In examining your issue more closely, it’s one that we actually have quite a bit of discussion on already in existing threads. But it was fixed as of 2.0.5 and I’ve only seen a couple reports from users still having problems specific to their theme. If it helps, a thread where a user had some specific problematic code in his header.php file that may be of value to you:

    Right off the bat I would suggest switching to a different template under Events -> Settings, as for some users it seems that’s the source of the problem. Please also confirm your time-zone settings and whether you’re using a UTC offset vs a city option.

    We can definitely try to troubleshoot from there if nothing works, but it may at that point also be worth reaching out to the theme dev to see if they have any ideas what could be conflicting. (As I mentioned in my other note, we’re happy to work with them if there’s something our code does that isn’t complying with best practices on that end).

    Hope that helps, and have a great weekend.



    I tried the plugin with two different themes. One was custom for the site and the other was HeatMap. Both showed the same behaviour with the event calendar.

    I was able to work around this issue by customizing the event templates, integrating the custom code to the ecp files. Please note that the header and footer were called from within the template, so it is something in the page.php file that seems to be in conflict.

    I took the time to review the .org and pro support sites and found nothing that helped. Of course, I checked the time-zone settings, as I noted in the original post.

    The suggestion to switch to a different template is not useful in this case, though it was checked to confirm the issue is in some conflict with the theme.

    I am sure that a developer could have a quick look at the page.php and help determine the conflict. Especially for the popular heatmap theme.

    The workaround is ok for now but it is not a solution. I would much rather know the issue with the page.php so I do not have to manually change the ecp files when small changes are made to the theme.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Sure thing, Carey. We generally try and use this forum for bug troubleshooting exclusively but since I want to help get this sorted for you, and because I agree that other users of Heatmap could benefit from the exchange, I’ve asked Jonah from our dev team to take a look here either this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Hopefully he can identify what’s up and we can point you in the right direction on this end.

    Hey Carey,

    Would you be able to provide us with a copy of the theme for testing/evaluation purposes? You can email it to pro [at] tri [dot] be and attn. it to me. Please also reference this thread.

    I’ll take a look as soon as I can.


    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Carey: confirming we received the problematic theme you sent over. While we won’t be able to troubleshoot HeatMap without a copy, we’ll definitely see what we can figure out with this other one and will let you know (here in the thread, not via email) what we see.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi again Carey. Wanted to follow-up on this, now that Jonah and I have had a chance to review the theme you’ve provided with our devs. (Since we couldn’t get a copy of HeatMap I’m referencing the other one you’d sent). In the 20-25 minutes we spent reviewing this, we couldn’t identify what’s going on…the way this theme is built is fairly unconventional: it has all the typical header and footer stuff (script calls, etc.) in each template instead of in the actual header.php and footer.php files. This is likely what may be causing the problem.

    As a result this is unfortunately outside the scope of what we can provide support on here. You may want to check with the theme dev to see their reasoning for structuring it such a way, and whether there’s a workaround. Sorry we couldn’t offer up more on our end here but please let me know if you have any other questions.

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