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  • i just had this problem as well.

    i changed line 2375 of the-events-calendar.php to this and it seems to work

    2375: //$this->date = str_replace( substr( $date, 8 ), ’01’, $date );
    2376: $this->date = $date;

    now this will break again in an update, but hopefully my email to the devs will get integrated and the fix will be in the newer version

    Awesome…back in business!
    THX! shaunsational

    Hi All,

    I think this issue may be dealt with in this post:

    Let me know if this is a separate issue. Thanks.


    ok, now here’s some wierdness. I tried that last night and it wasn’t working for me, so I reverted the code back to its original state.

    This morning I tested the calendar….and it was working the way it should!

    Just as a lark I put this code fix back in and it stopped working (not showing events in the month of the default view.

    I think the only other fix we may have applied last night was the addition of a missing </div> tag, but I’ve lost track of whether that was a fix of our custom template error or a tec problem.

    To clarify:

    In the function setOptions(), you’ve changed $this->date = str_replace( substr( $date, 8 ), '01', $date ); to $this->date = substr_replace( $date, '01', -2 ); and it is broken in that it does not show the current month’s events? Are you on the latest plugin version?

    If this is the case, can I get a link?

    Also, do you remember where that missing </div> tag is? It’s probably unrelated, but we don’t want to have a missing tag ending. Thanks.



    Sorry you and I posted at the same time so where as I was talking about the old suggested change not working: 2376: $this->date = $date; , I hadn’t made the new change suggested here yet:
    $this->date = substr_replace( $date, '01', -2 );

    So just to clarify, $this->date = substr_replace( $date, ’01’, -2 ); is working and appears to fix the problem where events are missing in the grid view if called by URL /events/months

    However that does make clearer that there is still a conflict (at least for me) with the sidebar Events List Widget.

    When I turn the widget on, it appears in the sidebar and lists events correctly, BUT it breaks the gridview (in all cases) such that it no longer shows events (on any date). I will post this separately.


    I believe the missing </div> tag was in my own custom template.

    However, in the default gridview.php, it is missing the closing tag to end the footer:

    	include (TEMPLATEPATH.'/footer.php');

    But you may already be aware of that one.


    Thanks for clarifying. I think your persisting bug has to do with our way of handling post loops, which is slated to be fixed (so much to do!). I think we might not be creating a new WP_query object for that widget, but this is an off-hand assumption since I haven’t looked over that part of the plugin. Just a direction you might want investigate. I can’t offer a solid fix at this point.


    I will post my findings in my other post on the forum here – but I think I’ve found the conflict. too many calls to wp_query.


    I’ve moved my issue and discovery to this thread:

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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