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  • Hi! After upgrading to 2.0 (and figuring out that events now are added in a separate place), I’m seeing only previous events on my client’s homepage, which (as I understand it) are now just plain ol’ posts, no longer calendar events. And the new event I added as a test is not showing up at all anywhere on the site.

    Also, the calendar-view button is gone and the ical-import button doesn’t work. Only the first of those is critical to me, though.

    I’m thinking this is to do with the template tags and other TEC-related code which I’m using on the home page – probably there are changes I need to implement? (I customized things quite a bit in terms of positioning and display.) I really NEED to see what the new template tags are – my client’s site will be basically broken without them.

    I also had to remove this code from my index.php and a couple of other places or it threw up an error:

    <?php global $spEvents;

    I assume it’s no longer needed.

    I know support is only occasional here but I hope you can provide some guidance as this is quite the monkey-wrench for longtime users of the free version.


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  • Hi Shane – I can wait for the new documentation but I’ve posted elsewhere about my discovery that the grid/calendar is now broken in the old version (which I reinstalled after my failed attempt to upgrade). Client is quite upset about this and I can’t seem to fix it – I know 1.6.5 non-PRO support is basically off the table but if you could glance at the code (which I’ve added to the other thread, called “Calendar (grid) view broken (version 1.6.5)”). If it’s a quick fix, that would be a lifesaver!

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    Modern Tribe

    cosmocanuck – 1.6.5 was broken ALL over the place with the latest build of WordPress. It is a pretty old build. Have you upgraded WordPress since you reverted or changed your theme? I don’t see why it would break when it worked before if nothing changed. I’m traveling this week and we are pushing hard to get 2.0.1 out to the community to help on some of the more interesting bugs. I’ll try to take a peek but honestly, not promises. You might be safer grabbing a code savvy freelancers if this is timely.

    Thanks for the reply Shane. For all I know it might have broken after a WP upgrade and may not have checked or noticed at the time. I agree that moving to 2.0 is the way to go. Definitely would rather be on board with the new version but will definitely need template tag reference before I do that… looking forward to that reference coming soon! Thanks!

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    Modern Tribe

    cosmocanuck – which other thread?

    It’s called “Calendar (grid) view broken (version 1.6.5)”….

    you guys are AMAZING !!!!! Gonna try this today.


    p.s. the upgrade looks solid. Thx

    No luck adding “events” to menu….I mean I could add individual events to menu of course but not an ‘events’ tab…also where did grid calendar go? thx in advance….good to know i haven’t lost stuff & just need to move around 🙂


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    it is in the events menu panel. Click view all tab to see all options, Item is called “Events” and is usually first, everything else is an actual event. screenshot:

    That should take you to the list or grid view depending on your settings preference. Both views have a quick toggle.

    Ok so here’s my problem. Found this thread Googling. One of my admins upgraded the plugin to 2.0 and didn’t back up the DB first 🙁

    If I remember correctly we used to add events through the Post function and simply check the appropriate items to have them added to the calendar rather than a blog post. I’m just the admin not editor so IDK. Anyway after the upgrade the calendar page was only available in list view and there were no events listed under events but rather they were all listed under Post.

    So what I did was upgrade it again to 2.0.1 and then migrate the data as per the discussion in this thread. Now there are events listed under the Events section AND those events are also still listed under the Post section.

    The problem? My events page is still stuck in list only view: with no option to go to a calendar view. Under settings for the event calendar I have selected the calendar view.

    It’s almost as though that page is a blog roll getting it’s data from the Post section rather than a calendar getting the data from the Events.

    I found all of my “missing” post still in the database but were changed from ‘post’ to ‘tribe_events’

    changing the ‘post_type’ from ‘tribe_events back to ‘post’ returned all of my missing post.

    I had to re-create the ‘tags’ and some of the calendar info…but everything’s back.

    ** This is under 1.6.5 – I could not get 2.0.1 to work on my site.

    NO events I had migrated over – I was missing the ‘featured image’ on the new events page…I’ll have to stick with 1.6.5

    Hope this helped someone… I’ve spent quite a few hours rebuilding…




    Well that’s good to know — somebody could write a quick script to set all tribe_events back to posts (since Tribe has declined to offer any backwards conversion utilities). Thanks, Greg!

    There is a known bug with events for sites not using pretty permalinks that we will tackle in 2.0.2 ( a few weeks).

    Unfortunately the other site that I use this plugin on does not use pretty permalinks because it is a members-only site that requires a login to see anything other than the homepage. So, they don’t care about SEO and prefer the short URLs. I guess I’ll wait for 2.0.2 before upgrading that site.

    @redir This bug may be what is affecting you

    @cosmocanuck If you hit Migrate Data when you tried to upgrade, then the post types have been changed and you probably can’t downgrade to 1.6.5 without changing them back.

    @bwp There’s a script to change all the post types (that’s what Migrate Data does) so there must be a way to write one that changes them back.

    p.s. One thing that may not be obvious to everybody is that with the new versions (2.0+) the address of your calendar is different from what it was with the older versions. You can see the new address in the admin, and you have a few choices as to how you can provide a link to it. If you still have an Events link in your Categories menu it will not work. You can use a custom menu to drop the category and also to add the new link, or you can use code or a widget to exclude that link from showing. There is also the Page Links To plugin that allows you to specify what you want a page menu link to point to. There are several way to get your links to your new calendar to work. If you are using a theme that supports widgets, the Custom Menu Widget may be the easiest way to go.

    My site uses the default %page#% and with 2.0 migrating all my events to %post_name% it burried all my events.

    I never was able to get 2.0 to update the new events to my old permalink structure… I tried .htaccess writes…changing the new event to the old permalink #post_num#%…nothing.

    I’m not sure what’s different with my site…but with the featured image panel missing it makes 2.X unusable for me.

    I do not use the calendar feature. I really only need to set the place/time/google map link-

    Something like /%year%/%category%/%postname%/ is less likely to cause linking problems.

    I don’t think you’ll be able to get the new calendar to resolve to the old link structure. It seems like the approach that is being advised is to use a custom menu to make your calendar link work.


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