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[Plugin: The Events Calendar] Events and calendar not showing on site

  • Hi! After upgrading to 2.0 (and figuring out that events now are added in a separate place), I’m seeing only previous events on my client’s homepage, which (as I understand it) are now just plain ol’ posts, no longer calendar events. And the new event I added as a test is not showing up at all anywhere on the site.

    Also, the calendar-view button is gone and the ical-import button doesn’t work. Only the first of those is critical to me, though.

    I’m thinking this is to do with the template tags and other TEC-related code which I’m using on the home page – probably there are changes I need to implement? (I customized things quite a bit in terms of positioning and display.) I really NEED to see what the new template tags are – my client’s site will be basically broken without them.

    I also had to remove this code from my index.php and a couple of other places or it threw up an error:

    <?php global $spEvents;

    I assume it’s no longer needed.

    I know support is only occasional here but I hope you can provide some guidance as this is quite the monkey-wrench for longtime users of the free version.



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  • Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    adam – did you decide to revert as per your previous post or are you moving forward to tackle the upgrade?

    Help, Shane. the plug-in auto updated. I didn’t realize I had it set that way and well, I don’t have a backup and I don’t have anything working at all. I went into the settings and set for the grid mode, I looked at the dashboard and went to the Events tab or section and made a few samples but nothing. I watched a few of the videos you posted and so far, nothing that you did works for me. I am running 3.2.1 WordPress and Atahualpa theme that is a few versions old but works fine with the WordPress.

    I am not a programmer, don’t claim to be but need some help. I work for a nonprofit as a volunteer and well, am at a loss. Help please. http://www.jewishpeoria.org. Thanks.


    akravetz, Shane previously posted a link to the old versions. I THINK you can just deactivate the 2.0 version and install 1.6 manually, and you’ll get everything back…

    > “The good news is that your events are not gone. If you want to revert
    > – every previous version is here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins
    > /the-events-calendar/download/ ”

    Okay, thanks. I got the calendar up and working. Now, I just wonder if I have to re-enter all my old posts. Again, I am an idiot. There, I am honest. I had it set on auto-update and that was a mistake. Just let me know if I have to redo several months worth of posts… There is no import data button or icon.

    According to his other threads nothing is supposed to have been deleted!

    In TEC 1.x the events ARE just WordPress posts. Are you saying that all those POSTS are gone, or just that they no longer appear in the newly reinstalled calendar?

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Andy – just go into your settings and hit the “Migrate Data!”

    (He already downgraded — so he’ll have to reinstall 2.0 and then choose Migrate Data, right?)

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    BWP is correct here – if you’ve downgraded, you’ll need to back up your content; reactivate TEC 2.0; then go to the Settings page and follow the migration instructions. That help?

    I have not downgraded. I figured out how to make the 2.0 version work. At least, for now (see http://www.jewishpeoria.org). What I can’t find is the migrate data button. It’s not in Settings. It’s not in the Events tab along the left-hand side in the dashboard. And I can’t seem to find it in the other settings or anywhere in the plug-ins tab.


    Like I said, it appears the upgrade is going to rock, once I figure out if I need to start to do things all over again or not.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Andy: would be interested to see a screenshot of what your “Settings” page looks like; there should be a prompt at the bottom like so: http://cl.ly/2S1d0w2r1m1V1n0v312X. You don’t have that?

    Hi Shane, I reverted to 1.6.5 and will wait until the template tag documentation is up and running. Do hurry please… can hardly wait for the chance to make a smooth transition to the new improved plugin! 8^)

    Andy’s site doesn’t seem to have any posts in the Events category?


    That might help explain why he’s not getting a migrate option?

    No, Rob, I am not getting that part, And I don’t see how I don’t have anything in the events category. I have 700 posts over the past year within that category according to my Dashboard. No clue of why they aren’t coming over…

    Shane or Rob – quick question – if I go ahead and purchase the Pro version, can I get some help soon (i.e. this week) with ensuring that my customized code which worked with the old free version will work with the new one?

    Since the 2.0 template tag info is not out yet, I assume I could work with you directly to make whatever adjustments I needed.

    If that’s the case, I will happily go ahead and purchase the Pro version.


    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Hey Adam,

    We are working on release 2.0.1 and all the support documentation this week. Why don’t you wait until those come out? (if you can)


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