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    I completed the migration to the new system some time ago.
    Today I tried to post a new event. It worked, then I edited the post and now I cannot make any new Events work.

    – A new event shows on the main calendar correct (date, image, text)

    – When I click the Event for detail it states the Event happened in the past (the time of the post) does not show Google Link or image and links directly to this path: /venue/venue-name-3

    And finally I’ve lost the ability to “Sticky” events so I can no longer feature them on my homepage.


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  • Hey Snackmaster,

    Are you running 2.0.6? Do you have an example I can take a look at?

    What do you mean about the “Sticky” functionality? I don’t believe this is an option.

    Yes 2.0.6
    I figured out the cause of the Link issue – I use the “Redirection” plugin and any edit to any event creates a redirect to the /venue/ – I had to disable the auto generating feature of the plugin.

    Sticky – the ability in WP to “sticky” a post so it stays on the main page, worked great with the last version of The Events Calendar. I use a Magazine style Theme and could feature events – can’t anymore…

    Featured image – embeds itself as the first piece of content after Event info and I can;t get rid of it even by inserting another image:

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Hey Snackmaster, thanks for the follow-up. Can you elaborate on the “sticky” functionality and how it’s changed since the last release? I’m not sure I understand what’s up there but want to help get it resolved if there’s a problem.

    The featured image issue shouldn’t be happening, but my guess is this is a theme conflict. Are you in a position where you can deactivate the current theme and revert to the default 2011 theme, to see if the issue persists?

    Let us know and we’ll try and troubleshoot from there.

    Thanks roblaggata
    Sticky – With the old plugin I made normal posts and put them into the category of “Events” and they had the normal WordPress post option: Publish > Visibility > Public > “Stick this post to the front page”. The new way creating an Event Post from the Events menu lacks that option. This means I cannot feature an event on my homepage using the standard WordPress mechanism.

    Featured image – I didn’t try changing themes (because I’ll loose all my Widgets, a WordPress issue) as the issue did not exist with the old Events plugin and because the issue doesn’t exist with any other posts. If no one else is having the issue then I it could be the theme plus the new changes – I’m using Arras Theme.

    I’ve confirmed the featured image issue exist in the default Twenty Eleven Theme – in the attached screenshot the large top image is the featured image, the text below it is the first thing on the Event page and the image is the only image inserted into the Event page.


    Featuring the Events – in addition to not having a “sticky” option as discussed above the Events also do not have a Category which is accessible outside of the event structure. I can feature with a widget on the sidebar but have lost the ability to feature events with images on the homepage.

    Love the plugin and the new version runs much better but… I’ve lost all key functionality – is it possible to roll back to the old version?

    Hey Snackmaster,

    On the featured event issue, all you need to do is modify /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/single.php by placing a copy in an ‘events’ folder in your theme and then modifying the code so the featured image appears wherever you want it to.

    In regards to the Sticky option, this is currently not possible in WordPress for custom post types and you need an additional plugin for this functionality or code it yourself. Something like this should work though:

    Hopefully that helps but let us know if you have any other questions.


    +1 to the redirection conflict. I’ve run into this issue multiple times and know that others have too. It would be really great if you guys could figure out how to resolve this.

    There’s a known bug in Redirection. If you disable the Modified Posts section it should work fine

    Nick Froome

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    ^- what Nick said. Mrwweb, we definitely also have this on our radar and indeed Redirection is one of the more commonly-conflicting plugins around. We’re hoping to ease the integration for 2.1, though in the interim bolide’s suggestion should help.

    Otherwise, is anyone still having issues here? Let me know if not, and I’ll mark this one as resolved. Thanks folks!



    Hi Johncoyote – thank you for the help.
    I have the featured image working but still cannot get Events onto our homepage. I enabled Sticky Custom Post Types and all my stickied posts except for Events show up on the homepage.

    Our goal is to list Events on the homepage as it’s an event driven website – open to any suggestion or approach!

    Per redirection issue – the only reason we run it is for Modified Posts, 🙂 for when Authors deem it wise to change a post title after publishing. For now I’ve had to take over event management and disable Redirection before and re-enable after.

    Sorry to have the issues – struggling with the new version, old one worked great.



    Hi Snackmaster,

    If the Sticky Custom Post Types plugin does not work you will need to figure out some other solution. You could modify the query on the home page to pull in event posts some other way like with a custom field or something like that. Unfortunately we cannot help you with this. You will need to hire someone to help or figure it out on your own.

    Good luck!

    – Jonah

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