[Plugin: The Events Calendar] Essential (I think) features for an event calendar (2 posts)

  1. wayn
    Posted 6 years ago #


    First I'd like to say that The Events Calendar is the best of all the similiar plugins out there. I've tried so many that in one or more ways did not fit my needs and then I tried this. Great!

    However - there's always a but eh - beside the features you already plan to integrate some day I'd like to see:

    Meta field for participation/event registration deadline. Since you already have fields for addresses and pricing I don't really understand why this field isn't available.

    Simple date picker. I know there are tons of jquery scripts out there to do this, so I don't think adding this will be hard at all :)

    A more compact admin interface/metabox. It's fine as it is now, but still too big and too much unused space.

    And lastly. This one can wait until the release of WP3, since it by then will be much easier to code.
    Own admin navigation block. Other calendar plugins already have it. Calender Press the best in my opinion. But with the release of WP3, adding custom post types will be really easy.

    That's all - for now :)

  2. Shane Pearlman
    Modern Tribe
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Hi right back at you.

    Meta field for participation/event registration deadline.

    Seems reasonable. We'll add it.

    Simple date picker.

    Its on the 1.6 roadmap. My absolute favorite is the one on http://www.usairways.com. If anyone happens to know who made it / where we can find it, that would be handy. Otherwise we'll borrow it.

    A more compact admin interface/metabox.

    I'm open althought I don't see the issue. Care to whip up us a comp (image or html/css) with your suggestion?

    Own admin navigation block.

    Yup. We are waiting for 3.0 ourselves and wanted to see how they would handle it rather than having to redo.

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