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  • Hi every body . this plugin ids really great….

    but I would like to display the full calendar on my home page …
    some body have got the solution I found nothing.

    tnks for this great plugin !

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  • I’m looking for this too, if anyone has an idea.


    If the calendar is the only thing you want to display on your home page, then you could probably replace the loop in index.php with the code from gridview.php. Or maybe embed the latter’s code into a page and make that into your homepage… Not sure. I haven’t tried either of these approaches.

    I’m using wp 2.9.2 and it is showing in homepage by himself an i don’t know how to get it off, anyway now there is option about it, but it don’t look to work perfectly yet.

    @kgagne: I’ve tried to do the replacement you suggested, with no results.

    any ideas?

    manually modify the .htacess? o_O

    @lelebart: It depends on your theme. I’m using a heavily modified version of This Just In and have inserted this code just after line 11 of index.php:

    <?php if (get_post_meta($post->ID, '_isEvent', true) == 'yes') : ?>
    <link rel='stylesheet' id='sp-events-calendar-style-css'  href='' type='text/css' media='' />
    							    <div style="clear:both;"></div>
    				<div id="tec-event-meta">
    					<dl class="column">
    						<dt><?php _e('Start:', $spEvents->pluginDomain) ?></dt>
    							<dd><?php echo the_event_start_date(); ?></dd>
    						<?php if (the_event_start_date() !== the_event_end_date() ) { ?>
    							<dt><?php _e('End:', $spEvents->pluginDomain) ?></dt>
    							<dd><?php echo the_event_end_date();  ?></dd>
    						<?php } ?>
    						<?php if ( the_event_cost() ) : ?>
    							<dt><?php _e('Cost:', $spEvents->pluginDomain) ?></dt>
    							<dd><?php echo the_event_cost(); ?></dd>
    						<?php endif; ?>
    					<dl class="column">
    						<?php if(the_event_venue()) : ?>
    						<dt><?php _e('Venue:', $spEvents->pluginDomain) ?></dt>
    							<dd><?php echo the_event_venue(); ?></dd>
    						<?php endif; ?>
    						<?php if(the_event_phone()) : ?>
    						<dt><?php _e('Phone:', $spEvents->pluginDomain) ?></dt>
    							<dd><?php echo the_event_phone(); ?></dd>
    						<?php endif; ?>
    						<?php if( tec_address_exists( $post->ID ) ) : ?>
    						<dt><?php _e('Address:', $spEvents->pluginDomain) ?><br /><a class="gmap" href="<?php event_google_map_link() ?>" title="<?php _e('Click to view a Google Map', $spEvents->pluginDomain); ?>" target="_blank"><?php _e('Google Map', $spEvents->pluginDomain ); ?></a></dt>
    							<?php tec_event_address( $post->ID ); ?>
    						<?php endif; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    You can see the results of my ugly hack at It’s not exactly what the original poster was trying to do and may not suit your needs either.

    I don’t see that the .htaccess file has any relevance to what you’re trying to do, but I’m an amateur at this stuff myself.

    Any reason why you couldnt just redirect the home page to the calendar…? Am I being obtuse?
    I do the very same thing – using plugin: ‘redirection’.

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