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    I think The Events Calendar does a splendid job and does a lot for to turn a drab calendar into a streamlined and professional looking one. I like the ease of the calendar, that you can show calendars by categories, and have the option to choose between grid and list view. There is one thing that I would like to make the calendar do, have the option to see more events that are posted on days in the month/grid view.

    Here’s an example:

    Notice that for the days where there any many events happening/listed that instead of showing all on the calendar, there’s the equivalent of the “show more” “read more” “continue reading” option. I would like to have this option available in The Events Calendar. Some days may hold eight or more events and for a clean looking calendar, you don’t want all of the events to show. I know there’s a way to limit the number of events to show in grid view, but while those events are hidden after limiting the number, it doesn’t show that there are more events happening on that day.

    From the calendar listed above, there seems to be a function/html code that uses the following as a link:

    When looking at the html in Firefox’s Inspect Element, I see this:

     +17 more

    In the .css, it looks like this:

    table#eventCalendarTable td .eventsCalShowMore {
    color: #fff;
    background-color: #8a7b68;
    padding: 2px 8px 2px 4px;

    but as far as to apply something similar to The Events Calendar, I don’t know. I’m surprised to see in such a sophisticated calendar, that this isn’t a standard option to have for a less cluttered calendar. I’ve searched The Events Calendar’s site and nothing that would provide for this. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hi there LoneStarPeach. Thanks for the note, and for your words of encouragement on the calendar. This is an interesting feature request…we haven’t actually seen much demand for this, and in the development time leading up to 2.0’s release we actually debated this and – based on feedback from our beta testers – decided it was more user-friendly to show ALL events on a given day, rather than just a few with a
    X MORE link. However the fact that you want something like that indicates there may be more demand than we’d expected.

    I can see if a developer has any suggestions to point you in the right direction on this, but at this point it is probably a customization that’s outside the scope of what we can provide support for here on the dot-org forum. (Fingers crossed, though…). For our part I have logged your request as a proposed future for the 2.1 lifecycle…ideally we could have it as a setting that allows you to define at what number the calendar cuts off. If a dev has suggestions they can offer up they’ll share those here too.

    Hope that helps and sorry I couldn’t offer up more. If you have further questions do let me know. Thanks again for your support so far.

    Hi LoneStarPeach,

    It’s certainly a good idea and I’ll cast my vote to have this added as a feature but it will take too much time to be able to provide a solution here. It’s definitely possible with the current code base and you could certainly hire someone to be able to setup this functionality now for you if you need it.

    Good luck and thanks for the request!


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