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  • Hi again,
    can someone help me please,
    i need the Date Format in german language, now it shows ”30. January 2010” but i need it like ”30. Januar 2010”.

    I dont find where i can change this, its no normaly translation.

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  • Let me look into it and get back to you.

    thank you, i try to change but dont find where the right code is *hehe*
    for now, its ok, the page is not official startet 🙂

    thank you for your time!

    why not base the date format on the date format chosen in WP ? Would be easier to manage 🙂

    Forget it. Found the answer. This plugin is beyond awesome!

    and where you found the answer? will be interesting for all 😉

    I too would like ot be able to specify the format of the date. In particular, I need event_start_date() returned in a shorter form.

    Perhaps we could pass the formatting as an argument?

    Thanks for a quality plugin!

    i try and tray and tray, change every F or M to m, nothing, the date is in english again and again 🙁

    Out of curiosity, does changing the wp language setting automatically change the date format or is that done in the Pot file? Anyone know?

    We have localization coming out in this version which should help somewhat. I have added a feature request to our system for allowing date / time format to be passed into event_start_date and event_end_date.

    I agree with enseignement

    I think it would be a greate idea if the plugin used the date format settings from the actual wordpress installation.

    all other plugins do, so the page is completly in german, but only on the events it shows february 🙂
    i try a translation, but when i change the .pot and .po files, no changes on the page, so i translate the .php files by hand, next release will kill them 😉

    yup – wait for another day or so and your po file will work.

    Hi All,

    The next release will introduce the following date and time format system:

    Date and Time formats are taken from WP options unless overridden as args to the event_start_date() and event_end_date() functions. If there is no arg provided and WP options holds no formatting, then the constants set in the plugin class are used as a last resort.

    Converting back and forth from 12 to 24 hour time in WP options, the plugin will convert your already saved times accurately.


    you guys rock 😉

    have fun in Panama!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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