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  • I love this plugin! I have a question though. I’d like to enter a bunch of events into the calendar, but I don’t want them to show up as posts. Is it possible to do that?

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  • Hi Helene,

    Thanks for the kind words. There are a few approaches depending on your level of technical skill.

    1) edit your loop code to exclude the events category. To get you started here are a few links: or

    2) you might try something like simply-exclude ( although I can’t guarantee this wouldn’t basically blow up our plugin entirely. =)

    Let us know how it goes and on the plugin page ( give us a nice rating and mark that the plugin works for 2.9.1.

    Btw – if you need event registration we also released a plugin for Eventbrite integration into the events calendar (

    Oh and one other idea.

    3) Event date is totally independent from post date. You could back date the post so they are way back in history in the loop, but will show up in the events category as per the event date. So for example:

    Halloween 2010:
    event date: 10/31/2010
    post date: 1/1/1990

    Its a bit hacky but it will get you what you need without touching any code.

    Thanks Shane, well since I’m not that code-savvy, i might try option 3. I’ll let you know how I go. I know a little bit about things, just enough though to be dangerous, if you know what I mean. I’ve been running our business’ shopping cart/blog/main website for 5-6 years, and have taught myself heaps of html code and other things, but I’m really a little scared of messing with CSS, so I think I better leave it alone. I’ll definitely go back and rate your plugin now.

    Thanks again,

    Oh, I do have another question for you. Nearly forgot! When I set up your plugin, it seems to interfere with the post calendar. Any ideas about that? my blog site is if you want to see what I mean. There’s supposed to be a grid calendar at the top of the left column showing the dates I’ve posted. All that shows up when I create an event in your plugin is the title of the posts calendar, the grid disappears. I hope that all made sense to you.

    now i understand, that was a silly question. i didn’t realize that the calendar that showed links to posts on the specific dates is actually a version of an events calendar, so of course it wouldn’t work if i have another calendar there. shame. i liked having a calendar to display the dates i posted.

    You got it.

    The widget you are referring to is the default wordpress posting calendar. It is completely different, but I could see how it might be confusing.

    We did include a widget with the calendar to allow you to list events in your sidebar. Check it out. For the time being it only has a list format, no mini grid view. The grid view is in the dev queue, but we have a few key things to iron out before we get there.

    I eagerly await the updates then, and I gave you a nice rating 🙂

    I am waiting for the upcoming feature that allows one to disable this feature of having the event pop up on day of event. Pointless.

    Using EC3 I find that the upcoming events widget is notice enough. I do not want events reposting like that, so I am gong to wait on that.

    Actually, I try to post ecents preferably 10-14 days in advance so they have time to propogate and do some link love for the non-profit. And with just eight pots on front page for posts cnnot afford them coming back. Upconing event named THIS WEEK is good enough in sidebar


    Good call on making that feature optional. We will add a toggle in the panel.

    I had the same problem, i dont want the events to show up in the posts stream.

    I found a plugin called “Advanced Category Excluder”, and with that i was able to exclude a category from showing up in the frontpage.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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