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  • Okay, so, I am currently looking to try out the Events Calendar, but I cannot find any way to create a Page with the Calendar on it. Can someone please explain to me how to do this in Plain English! I am not the worst when it comes to code, but I am in no way the best, and I don’t understand a lot. So please keep it simple if at all possible. The site I am using is North Wilkesboro Presbyterian Church and we are looking to change from to this, as it is more intergrated and professional looking. We currently use Suffusion and are running WordPress 3.0.5. Please help!

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  • Create a custom menu item for /category/events/month

    for more info and examples see

    I don’t understand how to do that, and your link is irrelevant. The article you sent me to is talking about adding a sidebar, I don’t use the twenty-ten theme and on top of that, I don’t understand how to hack my theme to do what you are telling me to. Please clarify more in depth.

    Michael McNeill

    Hi Michael. the link is not irrelevant as it clearly shows an example of the calendar.
    The ‘Events’ menu items takes you to /category/events which shows the upcoming events list
    The subitem ‘Events’ calendar ( /catergory/events/month ) shows the Events calendar.

    To add a custom link to a menu

    1. Go to your admin dashboard and choose Appearance menus
    2. Select the menu you want to change. If there is no menu then you will have to create one… but I’ll assume there is since your site has one as the first widget in the right sidebar
    3. In Custom links type /category/events/month for the URL and “New calendar” or similar for the Label.
    4. Click on Add to menu, then drag the new Custom link to the required position
    5. Click on Save Menu

    I just followed this process to add the Past events subitem to the website I mentioned previously.

    When you do this on your site you may decide you can live without the sidebar.

    I understand what you mean now. I misunderstood, I thought you were trying to tell me to add a custom menu in a page, and that made no sense to me. If you go to you will notice that the sidebar is now below the page, as the calendar is not pushing it below the page. How can I fix this? Also, can I make the URL That would look so much better than

    Micahel McNeill

    Michael, for the sidebar you now have to get the call to “get_sidebar()” in the right place in the template file and/or enclose the events calendar in the appropriate div tags.

    The notes I wrote in the first link showed how I achieved that in my site, working both with an Artisteer 3.0 generated theme and also with the default twentyten theme.

    I didn’t have time to attempt to reduce the class definitions for .art-content-layout and .art-content-layout and .art-content-layout-row to the minimum necessary. But if you play with the CSS styling you should eventually manage to get the right sidebar nicely positioned.

    Regarding the URL name. You could try using URL redirection provided by the permalink-redirect plugin


    I’m having similar issues trying to get the Events Calendar to function on my page. I have a menu labeled “Events” and a dropdown labeled “calendar.” I’d like to have the Events Calender plugin functioning within said “calender” page. I created a page for my menu, along with a Custom link: /category/events/month, but the Event Calender is still not functioning on my website anywhere. Is it possible, with this plugin, to have it only function within a certain page, as opposed to streaming on your homepage? I’d like to manually highlight special events on my homepage, and have the plugin active on a separate page.

    Obviously I’m quite amateur, so thanks for your patience with this issue.


    Hi, when I try to navigate to it shows the /events page.
    Do you have something odd in your permalinks for category?
    ( wp-admin/options-permalink.php )

    Are you creating the events as Posts rather than pages?
    And are you ticking the “Is this post an event?” checkbox?

    I created two new posts on the site where I played with different settings for category. Maybe you can get some clues from those.

    Alright I followed all of the directions to a tee and I get the header of the calendar but no calendar view or List view. I get a 404 not found.

    Could there be a problem with this plugin and wordpress installs in a subfolder?

    I am using /grandprix/category/events

    Then I unchecked pretty URLS since this is a custom theme. Now I get a very fragmented display and it doesnt display anything until you click either list or calendar button.

    Hi stinkyleaf. I went to your site and it looks OK. What did you want it to display by default?

    Well after digging deep I found out that you must include the templates in your theme templates. Wow cant believe this vital step is not in the documentation.

    Now the problem we have is we cant get next month to work. Get page 404 error.

    Hi stinkylead. the readme.txt file (line 87 onwards) describes what you need to do if you want to override the original templates. You should not have been forced to copy them. Can’t help with the other problem as I get access denied to your site today.

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