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  • Hi,

    im integrating the new EC 2.0 in my 3.2.1 WP running a slightly changed twentyeleven theme.
    While doing this i found a couple of “bugs”. I know there isnt a documentation yet, that probably could help solving some problems.
    I’ve also tested with EC as the only plugin running.

    First one is the current-item menu highlighting problem that has already been adressed.

    Second: Using other templates than the two default ones does not work (nothing changes at all).
    More Important: For customization issues i created an events/ folder in my theme folder with all the files in the views/ plugin folder.
    I dont know if thats for the pro version only, but using the default events-template than disables the usage of the single.php, list.php etc. in the events/ theme folder.

    Third: i created a couple of testing events.
    <?php tribe_next_event_link();?> mostly directs to the current event instead. <?php tribe_previous_event_link();?> works normally.

    Fourth: Ive now created 8 events. when using the single event view as admin, the edit link directs to the wrong event. i had to delete and recreate the effected event 3 times until the right link appeared. This just happend again after creating two more events.

    Hopefully anyone can help or confirm this kind up errors.

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  • Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Hi Lyelle,

    Thank you so much for reporting these.

    1) Menu bug has been reported and patched for 2.0.1

    2) I need more info on this. Can you give me some very specific examples.

    3) custom templates should work properly on the core open source version. I don’t understand the issue you are facing though. (sorry lyelle – can you try again)

    4) That could be a bug. To be safe, which edit link are you referring to, the one in the WordPress top hat menu? A screenshot would be awesome.

    Thank you Shane for your fast reply.

    2) Reinstalled the plugin. Using other templates works fine now (selected via settings).

    2.1) (Edited)
    I created an events/ folder in my theme directory. Copied the 9 files out of the plugins view/ folder.
    Custimzing the two ecp-templates.php files works fine. But editing the other content-templates (grid, single …) has no effect at all.

    3)weather i use the original or my theme the next_event_link() just dont work properly -> check out the red outlines Screenshot

    4)The edit link in the adminbar works fine, sry for the inaccuracy.
    the one provided in the content area does not.
    <?php edit_post_link(__('Edit','tribe-events-calendar'), '<span class="edit-link">', '</span>'); ?>
    –> check out the blue outline Screenshot

    2.1) After a third reinstall and switching between themes and couple of templates it suddenly (finally) works.
    I didnt change any code inside the theme folder for this process.
    Cant identify where the problem was.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    so to summarize – all is working now? Is 4 working or still an issue?

    3) and 4) still not working 100%

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Lyelle…do these (#3 and 4) also happen when you’re using it translated into English?

    translation doesnt change anything.

    i deleted all events and created new ones.
    the first event edit link directs to the second event.
    (also tested with a brand new wordpress install)

    when i noticed this error the first time it wasnt limited to the first event. cant recreate this error for now.

    ok. creating time wasnt the only issues here.

    i started changing “time and date” of events. the directing error always accurs on the earliest event (no previous event) u have on ur calendar.
    changing its date to any other day after the second earliest event passes the error two the second earliest.
    When u got multiple events on a day its the first (all same starting time) one created or the earliest started.

    Have same problem with <?php tribe_next_event_link();?> (new wordpress install, no other plugins). The next works fine on the first event, not on the events that follow, go back is no problem.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Hi folks, looks like rob was able to replicate the next link issue and we are working on fixing it for 2.0.1. Thank you for the bug report.

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