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  • Hi

    Great plugin but I’ve just noticed a problem.
    On my blog ( contributors comment on the blog posts.
    Unfortunately if one of the blog posts has an event associated with it – intead of viewing the comments when you click “Comments” it takes you to the blog post’s events page.
    I have had to disable the plugin for now. Is that enough info for anyone to help with?

    Cheers Don

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  • Hey Don,

    Can you share a link?


    If you click this link:
    and then scroll down to the post which has 11 comments “Derry Hill and Bingley Road Development..” Now click on “11 comments” it takes you to the events’ page instead of opening the comments for that thread.
    it only happens a) in search results (automatically comments are minimised and so nee maximised) and b) for posts with an event attached.

    thanks for any help.

    actually have had to remove that one now because i need people to see the comments but the Fairtrade Wine Tasting post on the front pae is a good example. If you click to go into it my clicking on the title you are taken to the events page and not just a page for that blog post like anything else you might click on that does not have an event associated with it …..
    i would like the only way for someone to get to the individual event to be via the calendar.

    Hi Don,

    What you are asking is to hide events from your main loop. You can easily do that by using the following plugin (or other cat exclude):

    hmmn, thanks but I believe that will stop all “events” from showing on the front page of the blog which is not what i’m after. i was hoping people coule post blogs normally but there blog pos contains an event they can fill in the event stuff which will add it to the calendar. i do not want the blog to turn into an event whereby when it is clicked the viewer is taken to the event page rather than the blog’s own page.

    hope that makes sense.

    Not at all. I’m sorry but I don’t follow.

    it’s my descriptio, sorry. i’ll have another go….

    if someone on my blog posts a new blog and also fills in the details for an event i need that post to appear on the front page and populate the calendar – it does this which is great.

    but…. whenever a blog post has an event attached to it, when the post is clicked on the front page you are taken to the events page and not the individual page for that blog post with all the comments etc.

    if i hide all “events” from the front page then the blog will not appear in the first place anywhere other than the calendar and people will not be able to comment on it.

    sorry if i am not explaining this properly. i almost want the blog post and the calendar event to link from the calendar to the blog post but not from the blog post to the calendar…. ? 🙂 |)

    any clearer? if not i think maybe i’m just too new to all this.


    i think my problem is the website mixes blogs and events into one item

    sorry, it won’t let me edit / delete my last so ….

    i think i can get this lovely plugin to fit my needs perfectly if there is anyway to automatically disable comments on “events” category? – or can i change the plugin to auto tick (and poss hide) that option?

    thanks (hopefully for the last time)

    at your service. Thats already done. Go into the plugin settings panel and turn comments off.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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