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  • I am experiencing the same issue. I am using the “Easel” Theme for which all headings and text -show up as #000 black. By inspecting the properties with Firebug, the exact locations /lines where the css needs to be customized was provided. However, I have yet to find the file “events.css” -the document at hand that needs updating. If anyone can provide info as to where this stylesheet is located that would be great!

    Add the following;

    .entry-title {color: white;}
    #tribe-events-event-meta {color: white;}
    .entry {color:white}

    to your theme’s style.css found in:

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks for the tip here, n1bar! We appreciate the assist.

    acrobson / aunief: that do the trick for your situation? Let us know if not and we’ll try to troubleshoot accordingly.



    Hi all,

    Apologies for the delay. I have finally had a chance to test this and it has worked a treat!

    Thanks for all your input.

    You can now view the event calendar and appointments at –

    Thanks again, greatly appreciated!



    Just realised that that has changed all the text colour for every page. So with my theme having a white background on posts it is now white on white. Although the events calendar now looks great.

    May need the colour changing for just the events calendar or change it to grey perhaps?

    Hey Rob, Yes worked for me!

    You might want to look at my new plugin.

    The Events Calendar Category Colors plugin.

    THanks andy thats awesome

    No problem.




    I have added the below code from above to my CSS –

    “.entry-title {color: white;}
    #tribe-events-event-meta {color: white;}
    .entry {color:white}”

    To the themes CSS at –

    As suggested, however although it did get the desired result for The Events Calendar in that it changed the text to white on the black background, it also changed the text on the rest of the site to white, of which the rest of the site actually has a white black ground.

    I did change the text colour to grey which meant it could be read however it is difficult on the eyes when reading grey on white.

    Is there anyway of changing the text colour to white on the The Events Calendar only and leaving the text black elsewhere on the site?

    Site homepage – (Requires black text on white background.

    Events Calendar – (Required white text on black background)

    Individual event – (Text unreadable, requires white text on black background)


    @acrobson – revert your CSS changes and install and use the plugin I referenced above. It will do exactly as you want.



    Hi Andy,

    I did try that but forgot to revert the CSS from before. However I have now removed the CSS code above but nothing appears to be happening when I am amending the category color settings under the ‘Category colors’ tab and applying the changes.

    The ‘Current display’ within the plug-in tab does update however when refreshing the event’s calendar on the live site it is still black on black.

    Is there something else I need to do?


    I’m really not sure I understand your theme CSS. It seems that in your theme’s CSS file, listed above, within the body tag is background:#111111 and color:#000

    That’s exactly what you’re getting. A background that’s nearly total black and text that is black.

    I would suggest changing the color to #fff in this location and see if that doesn’t set things right. This must have been a change you made somewhere along the way to finding a solution.

    Let us know.

    Alternatively you might want to start with a few install of your theme to make sure it’s all back to baseline.

    Don’t make the change above or I think you won’t see text on main page.

    Try adding the following to your CSS

    #content.tribe-events-event, h2.tribe-events-cal-title, #tribe-events-content { color: #fff !important; }

    Welcome to the world of inverse coloring.

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