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    So I tried it out on your link and it didn’t work adding in the index.php.

    sorry for the false hope

    I had the same problem, I wasn’t able to get it to switch months until I added index.php to the url

    so for example I have this url for events page:

    I added index.php to the url to get:

    Try turning off pretty urls in the calendar settings?

    I have indeed tried that.

    Is there any resolution to this problem? I’m having the same thing happen to me.

    Turning off pretty urls actually worked for me. Thanks Max Goldberg.

    If anyone has any idea why it breaks when that’s turned on, please let me know.


    I had the same problem, spent hours trying to find the answer. Here’s what solved it for me: In the gridview template, I was calling a sidebar before any of the rest of the code. I moved the sidebar call to the end of the code, most importantly after event_grid_view.

    Then I just gave that sidebar a special class and styled it to move to the left side of the page, where it was on all the rest of the pages.

    I’m guessing any other loop that’s run before the main code of the events calendar would cause this same problem.

    It might also work to save the query before the offending loop and reinstating it afterwards. I tried using wp_reset_query and that didn’t work.

    Whatever is building the permalinks is generally correct (except for the dropdown selector on the calendar view page), It’s putting in a / then the specifics (for instance “upcoming”) however whatever is interpreting the links is wrong. It will interpret, for instance: but will 404

    I can’t find the bit that interprets it, but I’m not a WP guy, just a php programmer. the system really doesn’t make sense to me, but it seems to work well, so be it.

    I ended up using a different calendar plugin altogether. It’s not as nice as this one visually, but it has some neat features and no compatibility issues.

    dginther can you provide a link?

    @dginther What plugin did you end up using?

    First, I would like to say I like this calendar plugin. However, it does not work with 3.2.1 at all with pretty links enabled. So I turned it off and most of it works fine.

    My only big problem with it now is on calendar view the month changes to the right and left using links fine, but if you use the drop down list I get a 404 error. A lot of bugs with this plugin, can anyone help, I would like to continue to use it. Running out of patience.

    @ddt4ever I get exactly the same as you.

    Nice but buggy – they’re beta testing version 2 at the moment.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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