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  • Just wondering how to add an image to an event. I’ve pasted in an image in the post, but it doesn’t show in the page?

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  • Just realised I should add that I can see the image in the full event description, but wanted to use a different small image next to the short listing of each event, in the Event List. Any way to do this?


    I was wondering if this was possible also?
    Maybe so the plugin takes the first image loaded in the event post and uses a thumbnail of it displayed in line with the listing in list view, or position the event image on top of the listing(if any of that makes any sense) – something we could customise in the css would be terrific.
    Keep up the terrific work!

    You will simply need to customize the template as the default template isn’t set up to show thumbs in the loop. For info on how to customize your events templates go to

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    Here’s an example:

    Not hard to do.


    First of, GREAT tool guys, thank you!

    I’m also looking to display an image (thumbnail) for the event entries and was wondering what specific code i’d have to include within the template file in order to pull the image from the post. That said, is there a way to use the custom field image Ive assigned to the post appear within the list view?

    I noticed the link above ( but am not code savvy enough to understand how those notes relate specifically to adding an image and was hoping someone might be able to guide me with this.

    My site

    Thanks in advance!


    I can put you on the right track…

    To put a custom field image in listview:
    – create the directory events in your theme directory
    – copy the file views/list.php into that new directory
    – edit this new custom list.php to call the image from post custom fields where you want it in the loop
    — something like <?php get_post_meta( $post->ID, 'your_image_call_key', true ); ?> will get you the value for that custom field


    I have a similar thought. Basically using my theme’s list view in calendar order.

    so that would incorporate the theme generated thumbnail image, snippet of story, no map or ticket info.

    Any ideas?

    Every theme is different but the normal list view is generated by the index.php file. The calendar list view is a category archive displayed with the list.php template file. Compare these two files and modify your list.php file.

    @jonas Grumby

    Nice example! I would love to see your code, to do something like that myself! I guess it’s not hard, but altough…

    @jonas Grumby

    Nice job, Jonas. I’d be interested to know how you’ve gotten this to display on a page with a sidebar! If you can supply the details or point me to the information I’d sure be happy 🙂


    @jonas Grumby

    Would you be able to post your code so we can give it a try please?

    Sorry, I was not subscribed to this thread and didn’t realize that people were asking. OTTOMH I don’t really remember what I did.

    I do know that in resources/events.css I always remove the #tec-content attributes because I have that in the theme’s css. I keep the width set there (so that the width accommodates the sidebar). I don’t remember why I moved it to the theme’s css instead of leaving it in the plugin’s css.

    Then I added <?php get_sidebar(); ?> to list.php, gridview.php and single.php just before <?php get_footer();

    Doing those two things takes care of the sidebar. It’s not so simple on some of the more complex themes like Atahualpa. I honestly don’t remember how I got the pictures to show. I’ll try to think about it.

    I can give you a hint. I am using function catch_that_image() in functions.php of the theme for the thumbnails on the home page and probably used that for TEC as well. You can find examples of that function either here in the forums or maybe in the codex.

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