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  • Hey hey,

    I’m confused. The plugin adds a sidebar widget for Calendar View of upcoming events in the Sidebar. However, it never shows anything and it’s listed as an Upcoming Feature.

    Am I missing something? Why does the plugin register a non-functional sidewar widget? Or does it work for others?


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  • I think you need to edit a post. If you see they’re screenshots it helps.


    I don’t understand, gp5. I have posts that are Events and show up fine in the List View widget. However, the Calendar Widget never displays anything.

    As for the screenshots, none of them include a shot of the Calendar Widget or seem to mention anything about it.

    I have the same issue. Except for me the calendar doesn’t even display. It just outputs empty space.

    Yes, that’s the issue. Empty space – no calendar at all.
    I’m fine if the calendar widget isn’t ready until a later release, but don’t have the plugin register the widget and make it available to the 139 blogs in this WPMU install ><

    …or am i missing something?


    You’re right. This is an upcoming feature, not built yet, and it shouldn’t be registered. Our next release takes care of this. For now, you need to comment out:
    add_action( 'widgets_init', 'events_calendar_load_widgets' );


    Thanks, Justin. Yes I did that already to achieve the desired affect, but I don’t like hacking peeps plugins.

    Thanks again!

    – Lems

    Is this function going to be released in 1.6 or are you simply going to be hiding it from view in 1.6?


    The Calendar Widget will still be unfinished and unregistered for 1.6. It will not interfere with the plugin or your WP install.


    I have 1.6 up and running and I can get the calendar list going fine and even get the grid view from the sidebar. I want to be able to create an events page and have the grid view open to that page in my list of pages so it is more easily found on a Web site. Any thoughts. I have tried to go in and look at the code but I am newbie. Got a book but as you can imagine, it’s tough to figure out what is what after a week of reading a book.

    If I understand you you want a Events page that is your menu and has the grid view calendar.
    If so you need the ‘Page Links to’ plugin installed.
    First get the URL that shows in the address bar when you go to the calendar.

    Now you make a page titled events with no content.
    Then below in the advanced section you will see you will see the “page links to” field.
    Just paste the link URL you got into the “Point to this URL” field.

    more instructions here


    Mark, I think I figured it out. I allowed WordPress to display the category “Events” as a page and it shows up in my header. People can click on that and within that “events” page is the gridview.

    I still would have liked to have called the page “calendar” rather than “events” but short of rewriting code, I think it’s fine.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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