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  • I have the same situation.

    I’m building at site at this temporary address:

    I’ve put an “events” widget in the right sidebar. (the word shows there, but nothing else.

    I created a new post and here is the page but the menu link to it does not show up on the site.

    Also, it takes over the whole page, but all I want is it to appear in the center column.

    Obviously, I am not getting something from the instructions. Help will be appreciated.

    Hi folks,

    Joe – I just looked at your site and I see the upcoming events widget and it shows an event. That seems to work fine.

    There is no grid view widget.

    ok, that’s why it doesn’t work 😉
    will this be possible in future versions?

    some day =)

    but not in the short term.

    I think the confusion is (and I have the same problem) that when you activate The Events Calendar you get access to TWO widgets. One called “Events List Widget” (which works properly) amd one called “Events Calendar” which doesn’t work, but does put up the title of the non-existant “calendar”.

    It’s confusing to have a non-working widget show up.

    Is this is a hook in progress for the future development of a sidebar grid view widget?

    I think a sidebar grid-view would make this almost a perfect calendar plug-in.

    The commented out “hook” for what appears to be a gridview sidebar widget calendar is line 2093 in “the-events-calendar.php”

    //echo get_calendar_custom();

    uncommenting the function doesn’t apppear to work properly (at least not within my theme. It’s quite possible (next thing I will check) that the function simply isn’t defined yet.

    And now that I’m thinking about it (sorry for the stream of consciousness) I’ll bet this is/was an attempt to call upon WordPress’s built in simple post calendar to show, but only for “events” category and not all Post categories as it functions by default….

    … because when you activate “The Events Calendar” plugin, you lose the built-in Calendar widget.

    I am using v 1.5.5 of The Events Calendar, I should have stated that up front.

    In that version the-events-calendar.php, the following line should be commented out in order to permit the default Blog calendar Widget to function (until a custom sidebar widget is finished):

    Line 2117 should be commented out:

    /* Add function to the widgets_ hook. */
    //		add_action( 'widgets_init', 'events_calendar_load_widgets' );

    Thanks websherpa for investigating that. The hook is commented out and the next release will not interfere with the default calendar widget. In the meantime, if you have the same problem, websherpa’s fix in the above post is exactly what to do.


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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