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[Plugin: The Events Calendar] Calendar View Shows Previous Month – Not Current Month

  • I’m using an MU system and recently upgraded to 2.0.1. Migration went fine. However, when I view the Events in Calendar View it shows the previous month. (List view shows correctly with the latest event at the top)

    If I select the next month from the drop down list or the left and right month by arrows it still shows the previous month. It seems the whole thing is just one month off. Probably an easy fix.

    PS Get this fixed and I’m definitely buying it. I need the recurring events badly. Good job over all.


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  • Guess I should have given a web link.
    Here is the page I’m referring to. http://everythingouterbanks.com/obxevents/

    I have the exact same problem, although my site is currently only running locally, so I can’t post any link to it here.

    Just want to show that this isn’t a one off problem.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey guys. Sounds like this is a legitimate bug; I’ve logged it and we’ll be investigating a fix for 2.0.3. Thanks for the heads up. Apologies for the delay in the interim.

    I have the same problem with a similar setup: I upgraded to 2.0 from 1.x on a multisite install.

    Creative Slice


    Same problem here. Looking forward to a fix shortly!

    Same problem, too… older versions of calendar didn’t have this problem but 2.0.2 does… thanks.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    There were a few issues with 2.0.2, but I believe most of them have been nailed down in 2.0.3 (except the less critical ones that we’re waiting until 2.1 for). The 2.0.3 code is pretty much ready to go; if anyone is interested in giving it a shot and cannot wait until next Monday when it goes live, feel free to shoot me an email (rob at tri.be) with a link to this thread and I can get you over the code in its current incarnation so we can test as to whether it fixes your issue.

    Still not fixed with 2.0.3, although it’s obviously not too big a deal since the plugin still works quite well. Just thought you’d like to know.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Thanks DforDavid. Weirdly we’re no longer able to recreate this in any of our testing environments, so it sounds like it’s only isolated to some users. That being said: a fellow on our PRO forum recently posted a suggestion that worked for him, which you can check out at : http://tri.be/support/forums/topic/date-selector-on-grid-calendar-view-is-off-by-a-month/. That work to resolve the issue for you? Let me know if not.

    That worked! Thanks!

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Excellent to hear that did the trick DforDavid. If anybody else tries that fix and they still have problems after implementing it, let me know.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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