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  • Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey there. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this a duplicate of another post? If so, let’s keep the discussion going over there for consistency sake. Thanks in advance.

    (Rob, sorry, I can’t find the other post regarding this topic.) I see that you just posted an update to this plug-in, which i installed, and I think you had mentioned anticipating this issue being resolved in that update, but I’m not seeing any difference. Any news on that?
    Thanks very much… Sean

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Hey Sean: yup, this should have been included in 2.0.9, but the way it’s coded it only strips it down for all-day events. Applying that tweak to fixed-hour range events should be relatively straightforward now. Let me see if Jonah from our team can point you in the right direction for an appropriate template override there. Thanks!

    Thanks very much. It’s a great plug-in either way; I appreciate your work. And just to be clear, I think this “issue” is more apparent in the page/sidebar view than it is in the full-calendar page view (for what that’s worth)…. Thanks again.

    Interested in seeing the template override or if there is an update as I’m having the same issue. So jumping in here to see updates.

    Hi guys,

    You can hide the end date by making a copy of /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/events-advanced-list-load-widget-display.php and placing in an ‘events’ folder in your theme and then commenting out line 48. I hope that helps but let me know if you guys need anything else.


    Thanks, Jonah. That seems basically clear, but I’m no code writer and I’m sure I’ll screw it up! But I can always just Preview any changes I make in WP, right, and then not publish them, I guess, so maybe I’ll give it a try….

    Hi esslewis,

    No, you cannot preview your changes for this like you can with pages or posts in WordPress. You can make the change and then look at your site and if anything gets messed up, just revert the change 😉

    – Jonah

    wow, is there any easier way to do this? We really don’t like both date/time lines showing for a simple meeting. Even droping the Year/month/day would be helpful, so the hour/minute would be left.
    We don’t usually get into a folder level as we admin our site and are anxious about doing so.

    taking a deep breath and another swig of coffee and trying…
    I don’t seem to even find a file called /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/events-advanced-list-load-widget-display.php
    LOST before I even get started

    Agreed, I would love to fix this, but the above suggestion kind of flies over my head. In the meantime I am currently using something else here:

    but naturally, that one is giving me trouble with the other site I maintain (lower right portion) so now I don’t know what to do with it.

    It would help if I posted the right file name/path 😉 Here is the correct file to modify: /wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/views/events-list-load-widget-display.php

    – Jonah

    I downloaded the file and commented out line 48:
    * echo ‘ –
    ‘. tribe_get_end_date($post->ID);
    then created a new folder in my theme, named it “events”
    Uploaded the modified file to that folder. Now my homepage( show a slightly transparent overlay over most of the page and in the widget there is this message:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘*’ in /home/satp9837/public_html/wp-content/themes/teaparty/events/events-list-load-widget-display.php on line 48
    I seem to be going from bad to worse here.

    This is screenshot of what my homepage looks like now:

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