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  • Does anyone know how to correct the issues I’m having where the calendar breaks the footer to left? I’ve tried this calendar on another template and the entire calendar posted to the left of the page.

    Is there a way to place the calendar on a page with enclosing <div> tags? Would that solve the issue?

    I’ve heard a number of similar issues with theme problems, perhaps I’ll need to hack one of the PHP files? I’ve looked for a CSS fix using firebug but for the life of me can’t figure it out. It’s pretty apparent from what I saw that this is some kind of scripting issue.

    I’m a newb web designer so please speak in lamens terms!

    On a side note* why isn’t there a damn search on this forum?

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  • I am having the same problem. Please keep me posted if someone provided you with a solution or you are able to solve the issue.

    Really? No one has an answer yet?

    I might got an answer to this problem (It works for me).

    Since the page you are viewing is actually another “page template” from the Event Calendar plugin, they might not implement all of the code you need from your original template file.

    the quick fix for me is to add a code just before calling the footer.
    it will look like this

    <div style="clear: both;"></div>
    <?php get_footer();?>

    This code will clear out float properties of the Calendar Plugin page template. (Thats how it works for me)
    Hope it helps =D

    Thanks for the reply! I tried this on the “single.php” file inside the views folder inside the plugin folder and didn’t have any luck. What is the specific file I am editing here?

    Hmm… i didn’t really get what you mean, but i’ll make it clear for you.

    The code that I put above it’s not placed inside the template file you have, instead you have to place them in the file inside the events folder. This event folder consists of list.php, grid.php, etc. In those files you place my code there.

    Maybe you might got different case from me, but the thing is this calendar can be positioned in what ever way you want by changing the code structure of the files inside the event folder and the events.css

    hope this help

    I went into “the-events-calendar” -> “views” -> and I added your code to the gridview, list, & single php files but still no change. Attached are images for how it looks in the zip file. I went through the other files inside the view folder (look at the phpfiles image) and none of the rest even had the word footer in them so I hope these three should do it. You mentioned something in the events CSS I’ll need to change as well?

    @jordanewert – ironically, i’m using the same theme as you are and experienced the same problem.

    here is how i fixed the issue:

    1. create a copy of the original footer.php and rename it footer-events.php.
    2. in footer-events.php, eleminate the top two </div> tags:

    <!--</div>--> <!-- end wrapper -->
    	<!--</div>--> <!-- end main area wrap -->

    3. edit list.php and gridview.php to call the alternative footer. change <?php get_footer(); ?> to <?php get_footer('events'); ?> located at the bottom of these documents.
    4. upload footer-events.php, list.php, and gridview.php into their respective directories.




    @ Travis.hill – This is really odd, I followed what you’ve indicated and still I am getting the same problem.

    When you created the footer-events.php you did upload this to the theme folder and not in the plugin folder, correct?

    Is anyone still having this problem?

    I ditched the plugin altogether and am now just using “WordPress Google Calendar” to display my events and using an iframe to display my calendar from google on my events page. Yeah that footer issue was driving me mad but the main reason was that I could not do recurring events.

    @travis.hill – I won’t get around to fixing the issue as it’s now out of my hands but that’s pretty funny that we were using the same theme, lol, but I greatly appreciate you explaining a fix!

    @nvayupak – if you do get it solved please let us know as what you did.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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