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  • I have a News category that has over 160 posts that are not events. When I migrated my events to The Events Calendar 2.0 a couple of events have an Events Calendar category of News. I unchecked News for those posts and now want to remove the News events category. If I do that, will I lose the 160+ posts in my News category that are not events? Are these two News categories the same or different?

    How do Events Categories work?

    In would be extremely helpful to have a good description of The Events Calendar 2.0 functionality so we do not have to ask such questions.

    Thanks for a great plugin! (Though the migration to 2.0 felt a little brutal).

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  • bwp


    Perfect, handsome; thanks so much.

    If this does what you say it does, I think it would make TEC 2.x livable for our purposes. (I’d much rather see it included in a new TEC 2 release, but maybe I’ll play with it on a test site.) I’m very happy Shane is taking you up on the work.

    No problem! I think Shane had someone else submit a different way to do it also.. but I don’t see it gets much easier than just simply putting exactly what I have above.. the only thing someone might change is the slug if need be to fit there purposes. Please let me know if it works for you after you test it on yours!! I migrated all my data after the update, which was probably a mistake, but after fixing everything I probably won’t be updating anymore haha. Oh well.

    Convert back to normal post structure and delete the 2.0 events calendar out and install the old one. So easy to migrate.

    Convert the post types first.
    Then install an older events calendar



    handsome, are you replying in the right thread?

    Yup.. just telling you guys how to migrate back to the 1.6.5 events calendar if you migrated and didn’t back up.

    Question, when you say:

    As more and more plugins make the move, the integration you want to see will return in a much more powerful and controlled manner.

    Is this change primarily driven by an attempt to it easier to integrate third party (like your for purchase “pro” version) systems into WP? I have a sneaking suspicion that the push towards CPT’s is directly focused on capitalizing on the success of the app market models common on smart phones.


    Oh this is definitively more about money that the needs of those using the plugins for the last years.

    I believe they are OK with losing some users.

    hi, this is great but where can i find the info of the eventtype?

    The only thing i can see is the slug. Help please

    So the name of the new function can be anything?

    And the slug begins with “”

    So how do u count the new “posts” for that category or post_tag?



    I’m typically pretty cynical, but I disagree. I really do think this was an (ill conceived) attempt to use the latest features of WordPress as it develops, and that, as they’ve written, their previous use of regular posts as events was never part of their intention but merely a marriage of convenience.

    And yet I still think they’ve thrown away something great and turned their software into just another calendar. 🙁

    I agree with BWP. People found a way to make the original integration with posts work… Ad because of this the plugin grew in numbers and use for an extremely long period of time (with no updates).

    So their user base is used to using the product in a certain way. It wasn’t wise to change the total architecture without supporting the old one because people have used this product for years in the old form.

    Plus changing the post types also changed the permalink structure which is very harmful to search engine results. They should have coded a choice between the new way and the old.

    Its just a calendar now….and I didn’t use the calendar before so it doesn’t have much value now for me. I only posted the events and directed my base to the actual post.

    Plugin Author Rob La Gatta


    Modern Tribe Support

    Thanks for all the feedback, folks. We didn’t expect the change to have this much of an impact on the community so it’s great to hear you coming back with reasons as to why this wasn’t a good move.

    You’ve likely already seen the documentation we put together at the site on how to integrate these events with your regular posts, so you’re back where you were with 1.6.5. The question it raises on my end is, what more would you guys like from us at this point to make it easier to integrate? While we aren’t going to be changing the entire code base back we could definitely create more documentation, etc. if it’d help you all.

    Let me know. We’re listening; contrary to what has been noted above, we care just as much about the free community than the PRO users because we’re WP devs ourself and more than anything want to improve the experience for everyone. Tell us what you want and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.



    Thanks, rob.

    The remaining issues that come to mind right now are:

    1. Category integration. Will you “bless” or otherwise incorporate handsomeman’s category hack (allowing TEC events to occupy BOTH the new TEC 2 categories AND standard WP categories)? And if one then chooses to use only standard categories in 2.x events, will there be a loss of TEC feature functionality? Will other TEC functions be able to see or use the normal categories?

    2. Permalinks and search. Several people (not me) have complained that their event posts in 2.x are largely ignored by The Google, both for migrated 1.x events and newly posted events.

    3. The survivability of the regular post and category hacks through future upgrades.

    Plugin Author Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    hey bwp,

    #1 – we probably won’t incorporate it into the core, but based upon the demand, we might make a small add-on that supports the part of the community who wants to have their events integrate cleanly with regular posts. Can’t ay when we will do that (as we have a very long list of things to tackle), but until that time we will make sure that some external hack stays viable.

    #2 – that seems weird and surprising. We have incorporated micro formats into 2.0 which specifically deals with helping google recognize these as events and increase their SEO impact. While it is always possible that something went awry, it would’ be intentional. If there is an seo expert out there who can verify that would be cool, but we are doing it correctly as far as we are aware.

    #3 – while I can’t promise that hacks won’t break, I can promise that we will remain helpful and responsive in getting authors what they need to fix them as the plugin grows and changes. Heck, major WordPress releases often break things and that is just the nature of a changing software world.

    #2 – You guys should definitely look into the SEO part, I do extremely well in Google and as soon as one of my major posts went up with the new plugin, Google wouldn’t scan it even after searching the actual url to post. Once I reverted back to the old plugin 1.6.5, Google scanned it immediately.

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