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  • I’ve been looking for an easier solution to my auto blogging, and this post is kind of two fold. Here are the two things I am trying to find.

    WP Site Builder that has the exact or very similar features as

    If there isn’t one whatever I have been creating my own Themes, with Plugins, etc. and just uploading the shells for every new niche I set up.

    BUT one of the major advantages of the above sitebuilder is the fact it takes EVERY Post and Creates a Separate Single Page out of it. I currently have over 200 niche sites, and manage them from ONE site through another SOftware I use. Must have. WOuld love a Plugin that takes my posts and creates the pages for me. Similar to this site is laid out:

    The one other feature I like with SitebuilderElite is the fact it interlinks the pages detected by specific keywords in each post/page.

    Anyways if someone can recommend an entire system or a few plugins they think could help that would be amazing! Love ya guys!

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