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  • schuerich


    If it were not commercial addons to BP (Youzify), it would not be possible to use it. Plugin that stopped in the 90s. Email service terrible. Archaic design. No SVG support, even though BP provides an SVG logo on its website: There are not many functionalities that, for example, also have free plugins available in the WP repository such as Ultimate Memeber or Peepso. I do not recommend. It’s a waste of time.

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    As that was a link to buddypress itself, I restored the topic. However, links are generally frowned upon in reviews. Something to note: This forum runs on BuddyPress.

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    @sterndata `Thank you for the information and reminder of the rules. This link was important because it shows that BP uses SVG and forbids it to users – it is important because the quality of cropped graphics generated by BP is dramatically bad, SVG would improve it a bit because it is vector graphics and does not lose quality. BP not only does not support SVG, but also WebP. WP 5.8 does! A bit contradictory, because even WebP graphics cannot be used, although WP already allows it.

    It’s nice that this forum is on BP, but there are a lot of complementary mechanisms, software, etc. An ordinary user will not use 90% of the functionality on this forum because they are not in BP – there is no, for example, wp-admin and wp-login (see other repository plugins like Peepso and Ultimate Member) redirection. There is no (should be built into WP) manual user approval. If you have a fast food or Sci-Fi fan forum, it doesn’t matter, but if you have a B2B community and users with limitations, activating your account immediately is a security risk. You can manually approve comments in WP, but not users? Very dangerous (see WP Security – also in the WP repository).

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    This link was important because it shows that BP uses SVG and forbids it to users

    Yeah. The problem is that 99.999% of the time, links are just abused to make a point. This would be the reply you got had I seen this review first.

    Thanks for the review but please keep it to your words here only. No links or links to images. That’s not permitted in reviews and I have removed your review.

    If you wish to leave a clean review, without any link or reference to any site then please do.

    NOTE: This is not about you and your behavior. I’m explaining is all I’m doing.

    It’s easy for people to rationalize why links are OK in reviews and it’s almost always not the case.

    I do not enjoy editing other peoples words so I archive the review when that is found and afford the reviewer an opportunity to leave a new clean review.

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    @schuerich If you need to contact the moderators about this then you can do so via the Slack #forums channel.

    To use that channel you need a Slack account. You can obtain one via these instructions.

    When you contact the #forums channel, inform them what your WordPress.ORG forum user ID is. That will help the moderators find your account and ascertain what the issue is.

    If you do use Slack do not direct message me or any other moderator. Use the #forums channel and any moderator there can assist you.

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    Hi @schuerich

    Thanks for your review.

    BuddyPress is still under active development nowadays, it hasn’t stopped in the 90’s because it wasn’t born at that time. FYI, the first version of BuddyPress was released on August 2014.

    SVG support is not available in WordPress, that’s why we don’t add it. I’ll look into Webp images now WordPress supports it, thanks for this suggestion.

    BuddyPress 10.0.0 introduced site membership request, you can now activate an option to avoid automatic registration (It’s not really automatic though, the user needs to activate their account clicking on a link sent into their mailbox).

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