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  • Hello

    I wanna know if a plugin that sells numbered tickets exists.
    What I want to implement is a system like this:

    I place a quantity of tickets for sale, like from 1 to 100.
    And then the users come and buy it, and I want to have a option if I can limit the number of tickets a user can buy.
    These tickets will be numbered, for later I make a raffle of the tickets and one number will be used to get the reward. Similar to a lottery.

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  • Zack Katz


    You could just use the Entry ID as the ticket number…

    Zack Katz


    With Gravity Forms, that is.

    Thank you for the tip Zack, I will try Gravity Forms.

    If anyone know another option please let me know.

    I am after a SIMILAR solution that I do not yet think exists, or if it does exists then I would be eternally grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

    I run a school holiday playscheme for kids. Every school holiday lots of parents book their children in to spend a day or 2 with us.

    We are struggling to find a suitable e-commerce solution to enable our parents to book the exact places they require. We currently have a Gravity Forms Solution in place to get us through the February School Holidays but it bypasses the woocommerce integration. The reason we are not using the Gravity Forms WooCommerce Add-on is that our complex form didn’t work with WooCommerce.

    The reason that the form is complex is because a parent can book their child on for either 1 – 5 days or Block Book the entire week. Each individual day gives the parents 4 different options of times of the day they need childcare (all with different prices). Then to further compound the issue the parents receive further discounts if they book more than 1 child on at a time.

    Once the parent selects which days and times they would like their child to attend, they need to enter their childs details (Name / Date of Birth / Medical Conditions/ etc), then after that they enter their own details and pay (currently straight from the gravity form through to PayPal).

    The major issues I have with this process is as follows:
    1) As we have had to bypass Woocommerce we are unable to use things like the coupon codes and the many after sales woocommerce extensions that I have purchased and it doesn’t make the form as paid if the customer has paid via PayPal instead of the other 2 options.
    2) Each time a parent books on they have to enter all of their personal details again – Which many of the parents have complained about
    3) The data entered is stuck in the Gravity Forms entry section. I can export to a CSV and then sort the data but its more time consuming than it needs to be

    I would love it if the parent could go to our site, Log In which will take them to their account page.

    From there they can check all theirs and their children’s ‘SAVED’ details to make sure they are correct (medical data will change).

    They then visit the “Book Now” page and select which days and times they want their children to attend (with maybe a way that their children’s data is fed into the form so that they can have an option that Child 1 is coming on Monday, Child 2 is coming on Tuesday and Child 1 & Child 2 are both coming on Wednesday).

    Once they select their dates they hit pay and off it goes through to the WooCommerce cart.

    I would then like to have a back end page where I can view (and print) a register of all children that are in on certain days, with only a few of the details from the signing up form.

    I am unsure if this is possible with products/solutions currently available? Maybe selling tickets using Events Calendar Pro with variation costs for the times would be the way forward?

    Or maybe its some other combination of WooCommerce/Events Calendar Pro/Gravity Forms/Etc.

    Or perhaps it needs someone with more knowledge than me (Anyone Interested – let me know??) to be hired for a custom project. (In my searching for this solution I have seen many request for a similar plugin/solution. So I am sure that there would be a market for this)

    ANY help or suggestions you may have would be excellent. I have been searching for the answer to this for so long now (I had been told that the Gravity Forms option was the one, yet here I still am)



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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