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  • Anyone know if there are any plugins that do the below? Thanks!

    This has been posted on the WP-Advanced Forum

    “For the Web site of a design firm, I want to create a Client Support page that is dynamically built especially for the logged-in client, and that contains all info (text, calendar, deadlines, and especially file downloads) pertaining to that client, and which *only* that client should see. I envision this user scenario:

    1. User goes to a static front-end “Client” page and logs in with a username and password.
    2. The page uses the now-authenticated username to dynamically build on the fly a custom page for that user, listing all information relevant to him/her, including a list of available file-downloads which have been uploaded by the company and associated somehow with that user. And this info is visible only if you’re logged in.

    In WP, can you in fact:

    A) Associate uploaded files with a specific user, maybe by using categories?
    B) Make these files not visible to all users?
    C) Get the username and supply it as a parameter to a function that will return a linked list of files that have that username as a category? Make such a file-list visible only if the user is logged in?

    Something like that? Thanks.”

    See the original post here:

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