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  1. caiusjuliuscaesar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi all,
    I would like to load my foto collection to my wordpress site, which is very huge and sorted in directories, subdirectories and subsubdirectories:

    - Family
    -- 2012
    --- 2012-04-01_Birthday1
    --- 2012-05-01_Birthday2
    --- 2012-06-01_Birthday3
    -- 2011
    --- 2012-01-01_Marriage1
    --- 2012-02-01_Marriage2
    --- 2012-03-01_Marriage3
    -- 2010

    Is there a Plugin, that processes
    - such a number of pics and maybe
    - sort it into categories and subcategories like my directoriy hierarchie ?

    And finally: Is there a plugin, that displays the exif and iptc tags of a foto?

    (I assume, there wont be anny plugin that does all of the above mentioned, but, what would you do, being in my shoes?)

    Regards and thanks


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