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  • I am looking to build a site containing a comprehensive knowledge base about a television show. For that, I will need to cite sources, including books, television episodes, online sources, and other materials.

    I originally planned to build this site using MediaWiki, but have found myself running into problems with the CMS far too often. I was amazed to find out how little is included in a MediaWiki installation right out of the box, and how there is no administrative backend on the site, meaning that much of what is required to make the site “work” in a suitable way requires filesystem access and running database commands that I don’t entirely understand, which runs a higher risk of screwing everything up than I would like.

    So I’m considering running this knowledge base site under WordPress, as I know WordPress well, and run multiple websites using WordPress already. However, I’m having trouble with finding a plugin to do citations the way MediaWiki does with its cite.php module, which is what Wikipedia uses for citations. For those not familiar, when using the cite.php module, one places their citations in the body of the article (marked by tags), and the same source cited subsequent times is referenced via a shorthand tag. Then the footnotes section is generated at the bottom of the article based on the citations that are found in the text.

    Does anyone know of a WordPress plugin that duplicates that functionality?

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