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  • wesleyj



    Is there a plugin to install in WordPress that can be used to check if another plugin, already installed, installs cookies or makes use of fingerprinting?

    Plugins are part of a website and owned by the website so the website owner often has the responsibility. ( I assume that’s the case in many countries )

    It is namly really difficult (time consuming) to check if a plugin installs cookies.

    My suggestion is to make a plugin that checks cookie settings in browsers.

    Until there is no such plugin ( unless I am wrong) could anyone provide me of a list of plugins that install cookies?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I don’t think it’s possible for a server side app to know for sure if cookies are set in all contexts or not. While the browser does send the site’s cookies with every request, which is easily checked, we cannot know if this covers all contexts. It could be a cookie has not yet been set when doing the checking. A certain page could be the only one setting cookies. If that page is not visited, no cookies may appear, yet the site does set cookies in that one context.

    Unless the user does everything possible that can be done on the site, we don’t know if cookies are set or not. Adding to the confusion is scripts can unset cookies, so they could have been set, but do not appear when checked. Additionally, the legal implications in making such a determination would likely deter anyone from developing such a tool if it’s even feasible.

    There is no official list of which plugins set cookies. There shouldn’t be since there’s no way to know if it’s accurate or not. Site owners are in an untenable position where they are required to comply with requirements for which they have no technical ability to know for sure if the requirements apply to them or not.

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