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  • I used to use the Image Headlines plugin by Coldforged for years. Awesome plugin, my favorite plugin ever. It converted my headlines from regular text, into fancy PNG images with fancy fonts, colors, and drop-shadows. Beautiful. It made my blogs so much more stylish. I loved it.

    Recently I switched to a newer plugin that works with newer WP versions for the same effect. The new plugin is TFT Titles. I highly recommend this. Get it here,

    The documentation confused me but I finally got it working, hence this post. I thought this code might be helpful for other users. This is code to place the TFT Titles in your theme templates. This is the template tag for the plugin, surrounded by the recommended Conditional from the WP Codex, which lets your blog load even if this plugin is temporarily deactivated, a good safety feature that I recommend for all your plugin calls that you might place in your theme.

    <?php if (function_exists('the_ttftitle')) { the_ttftitle($before="", $after="", $echo=true, $style="YOUR-TTF-STYLE-NAME-HERE"); } ?>

    I used this code everywhere in my theme that used to have php the_title, or that used to have Coldforged’ plugin code.

    I would like to suggest that the plugin author add something like the above code example, into the documentation, so that it can be more of a copy-paste for future users. There were just several minor things I had to change in the line of code compared to the given examples, such as adding the opening PHP, and the conditional, which might seem obvious but it’s tricky for a PHP novice.

    Thanks again for this cool plugin.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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