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P tags are being inserted into the first 'expand' block (4 posts)

  1. sledge81
    Posted 4 years ago #


    For some odd reason, there is a <p></p> tag being included within the first expand block. Checking the code hasn't shown any such elements. What could be causing this issue?


  2. wp-digiman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Well... this is a kludge of a fix, but it's working for me:

    I just wrapped the paragraph that preceded my first EXPAND]...[/EXPAND] set and - *included* the first [EXPAND]...[/EXPAND] set in a div, with an inline style of position:relative, z-index:9999 and margin-bottom: -80px.

    Then, outside of that div, I just repeated that first EXPAND item, and went on with my following EXPAND items.

    Basically, I just floated the preceding paragraph to the top of the page, sucked the errantly-p-tagged first expand item up underneath it (made sure my hiding div had a background set) and then repeated the first expand item so that it could show up as the first *visible* item.

    I had to play with the negative bottom margin to get the item hidden properly, but when done, it worked - IE 8,9 FF PC/Mac, Chrome and Safari...

    Like I said, an ugly kludge, but now I have a neat, tidy, evenly spaced list of expanding items....

  3. wp-digiman
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Update to my post above... that gave me problems in FF 8 just now, and I went back in and did *not* include the first item in the masking div (it didn't make sense, but it worked on other browsers) and now it's working cross browser.

    Take that previous paragraph, float it up, z-wize, double up on that first wrongly-spaced expand item and then suck the whole list up the page with a negative bottom margin...

    At least you get what you want... :)

  4. manolis
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ' <div><EXPAND ..iclude all expands..[/EXPAND]<div>. '
    This patch worked for me, thanX to wp-digiman inspiration.
    U could have a look at:

    Nice plugin. I would suggest to an arrow to be added at the end of the expanded text (when expanded of course).

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