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[Resolved] [Plugin: Testimonials Widget] Sorting

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  • Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    I’ve update release 2.1.2 to support a meta_key option for sorting by testimonial post meta values. See the shortcode options and examples at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/testimonials-widget/ for further details.

    In short though, you can try [testimonialswidget_list meta_key=testimonials-widget-company order=asc limit=10].

    However, regarding your city and state information, there’s currently no addressing meta data provided. You could probably add that yourself via theme functions though.

    Would it be possible to “trick” the system into using the url and/or e-mail as a sort field, then? In other words could we store “city” as a url and then use the meta_key for sorting? Thanks for the response. /Bob DeCloss

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon



    That sounds reasonable. Your options for the meta_key are testimonials-widget-company, testimonials-widget-email, testimonials-widget-url. Currently, commas aren’t allowed in the meta_key, but will be for 2.1.3.

    Next, you might want to set hide_url=true in your shortcode or widget settings so that a city or state isn’t tried to be converted to a URL.

    Buona fortuna!

    That didn’t seem to work, at least as I thought. Here is my code:

    [testimonialswidget_list tags=AZ meta_key=testimonials-widget-url order=asc hide_source=true hide_company=true hide_email=true hide_url=true]

    This appeared to only select the AZ tags and list them in descending “ids” order. I wanted to select only those tags that match Arizona, for example, and then sort those by city, which is currently stored in the “url” slot. /Bob DeCloss

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Bob, I’m traveling today in rural Italy. I’ll try to replicate your scenario when able by Monday afternoon.

    It seems to be working now. When I looked at the html code there was a ... tag inserted at the beginning and somewhere in the middle of the shortcode. I removed that and it seems to be working. It just shows AZ now in order=asc and when I leave order out, it defaults to desc.

    Here is what I found in the html code:

    [testimonialswidget_list category=AZ meta_key=testimonials-widget-url hide_source=true hide_company=true hide_email=true hide_url=true]

    Not sure how that got there or even what it is. Thanks. /Bob DeCloss

    That’s interesting. When did the post, the ... disappears. It was at the beginning, before the “[” and right after the “AZ”, just for your edification. Again, not sure how it got there. At one point I did just copy and paste your shortcode from the above response. I see now that is what happened. At the beginning of your shortcode is and the is at the end. I copied that and did some editing in text mode not html mode and it got fouled up somehow. /Bob DeCloss

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Can you please copy and paste the shortcode here?

    Use an extra [ ] around it to see the code correctly.

    Here it is:

    [<p>[testimonialswidget_list category=AZ meta_key=testimonials-widget-url hide_source=true hide_company=true hide_email=true hide_url=true]</p>]

    Like I say, it is working now that I removed the “code” tags. /Bob DeCloss

    Sorry, the “code” tags still don’t show, even with the [] on the outside. Here it is with ” instead of <>:

    [ Moderator note: It’s the backtick or use the code button when you post. ]

    [testimonialswidget_list category=AZ "/code" meta_key=testimonials-widget-url hide_source=true hide_company=true hide_email=true hide_url=true]
    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    The code button is what you need to use or wrap text in the backtick character.

    Or use pastebin.com if that doesn’t work.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Bob, think you can do WordPress > Tools > Export > Testimonials and send the file to me via http://typo3vagabond.com/contact-typo3vagabond/?

    Oh wait… are you saying that the shortcode is working as you want now?

    Yes, it seems to be working now that I took out the < code > and < /code >

    Thanks. /Bob

    I see there is an update 2.1.4, but the upgrade notices is blank. What are the changes and/or upgrades? Thanks. /Bob

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    You can usually find changes to plugins on the Changelog like http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/testimonials-widget/changelog/.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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