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    I installed the Testimonial widget, but may be I missed something to set there. I have made two sample testimonials, placed the widget in the respective theme sidebar, set timing and its rotating normally.

    The problem is that if the testimonial text is too big [long], it is fully copied and I can not regulate the height and the content of the text that I want to show in the rotating testimonial or it is truncated in a strange way. PLUS I do not have the link in the rotating testimonial widget through which the used would go to the full testimonial page.

    I prefer to have it all this way:
    … to have rotating testimonial of a certain volume of content [one sentence] and have link in there that is pointing to the full testimonial page

    Is this possible?
    and if yes, how?

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  • Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    1. Have you tried setting a lower character limit in the widget? I think default is 500, try 250 and play with it from there.

    2. Auto-linking to the fuller testimonial isn’t possible yet. I haven’t decided upon the user experience and coding for it.

    However, you could use the testimonial_extra field to do what you want via a filter. See [How do I filter the testimonials data before display processing? ](

    Content of testimonial_extra is appended after the closing cite tag within the testimonial with CSS class testimonialswidget_extra.

    Thanks Michael,

    1. I played with that, but the problem is that if I set 250 characters, the actual testimonial is truncated and the visitor has no possibility to see the full text. There is another problem: 250 characters of English language text is around 2.3 times longer than 250 characters of Georgian Language text. Each Georgian symbol eats several Latin symbols

    2. Auto linking would be great feature. I do not understand that much tech stuff, but what I understood is following: I can set what will be exported on the page in the widget.

    If it is right, the problem still stays:
    -I do not have a small bit of text that I will decide to show off
    -I do not have a link in the widget to the fuller testimonial

    Am I right?

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon



    1. Since there’s no auto-linking yet and some folks talk a lot, therefore their full testimonials might never be fully shown except on a testimonials page.

    2. For linking to the fuller testimonials, you could create a text widget below the current widgets that has a link to your testimonials page using the [testimonialswidget_list] shortcode.

    I figured out how to use the widget in my case
    need just one thing:

    What file should I edit and how to I insert the link as indicated on the image in red:


    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    For linking to the fuller testimonials, you could create a text widget below the current widgets that has a link to your testimonials page using the [testimonialswidget_list] shortcode.

    I found other solution
    added widget
    also added a link to all testimonials page in the header
    example is here:

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    I’m working with the “Read more” links now. I’d like to know where specifically you’d suggest putting them?

    Before or after the cite?
    Text align left or right?
    Default text should be “Read moreā€¦” or something else?

    Linking the whole overall testimonial is fine for when testimonials don’t already contain links. However, how should we let the user know that they can click for the fuller testimonial? – This exactly was my wish
    to put “Read more” … after the cite … Text align left
    The idea was that if someone wants to read all the text, they will click the “Read more” and read the whole testimonial on its own page

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Thank you for the graphic. The graphic has “All testimonials” than “Read more” do you have another graphic sample?

    I dont have another graph ready, but Id ad “Read more” right after text finishes in this format “… read more”

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    No problem. I’ve got it coded as desired then.

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Testimonials Widget release 2.3.0 in combination with Testimonials Widget Premium Release 1.1.0 now supports linking from long testimonials to the full testimonial. Donate to get a copy of the Testimonials Widget Premium plugin.

    problem is
    that since the update I can not see teh images in the testimonials that are in the widgets on the first page

    Plugin Contributor Michael Cannon


    Are you using the featured image solution or adding images directly to the testimonials content area?

    Which release are you using?

    Could you please provide URL of your website?
    WordPress 3.4.2.
    I changed nothing, just updated two plugins, including Testimonial plugin to the latest version

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