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  • Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    What’s your website URL?

    It’s actually not live yet and password protected until launch. I think we’ll be launching with the bug, so I can share once we do. But listening if anyone has some ideas until then. Much appreciated!

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Then can you send me zip’s of screenshots at

    thanks! just sent a screenshot.

    we’re live, if you open the page and let it sit open for awhile, then click the “GET HELP NOW” like at the top it pulls down the preheader where the rotating quotes live. It will show the overlapping quotes. I’m wondering if there’s a problem because I’m using nextGen gallery on the site.

    any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    That pull down is slick. In which browser do you have the overlapping happening?

    I’m not seeing it on OSX Chrome. Ah, I see it now on Firefox. Why is that browser the pain these days? It used to not be.

    Okay‚Ķ I saw the FF problems the first time I pulled up the page, but not again on refreshing. That’s definitely weird.

    I’ve tried many ways to get the FF problems to show up again without success.

    Is position:relative of the following needed?

    /* --- Teestimonials --------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
    .testimonial > .inner {
    	font-family: Georgia, Times, 'Times New Roman', serif;
    .testimonial.type-bubble > .inner {
    	padding:22px 22px 1px;

    How about the display: block of

    .testimonial.type-bubble > .inner:before {
        border-style:solid outset outset solid;
        border-right-color:transparent !important;
        border-bottom-color:transparent !important;

    I think that some testing of the CSS in main/styles needs to happen to figure out if the position: relative or display: none is causing the FF display issues.

    It’s actually happening in all browsers. If you open the page, click the top pull down, close it. wait about 20 seconds and click the pull down again, you’ll see it happens every time and in every browser. I’ve been playing with the css for over a week now.

    I think there’s something going on in the code, because basically one quote fades up and the prior one doesn’t fade off, so they all display fine, just don’t fade off correctly.

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Did you get the CSS sorted out? Still need help?

    Plugin Author Michael Cannon


    Is this still a problem with the 2.0 release?

    i actually had to go with a different plugin that, I couldn’t get it to work Thanks for all your help though!!

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