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  • I’d like some testers for this plugin I created.
    Download here

    It gets a post or posts that are in another blog on the same network.

    Useful if you have a WP network (WP-MU) install and you want to display contents of one blog on another. For example a plugin that you want to maintain in just one blog.

    Use as shortcode:

    [cnp blogid=1 postid=1]

    blogid is the ID of the blog you wish to pull the post from (go to Network->Sites and hover over the site to view the ID).

    Instead of postid= you can also use catid= to display all posts from a category.

    Other attributes:
    header=1 -> sets the header element around the title, in this case: h1 (or other header if you change number), no title if you set it to 0 (default is h2)

    excerpt=true -> if you only want to display excerpts with read more permalinks to the posts on the other blog

    numberofposts=5 -> for displaying a certain number of posts from a category (default is 5)

    titlelink=false -> if you don’t want the title to have a permalink (default is true)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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