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  • Hello!

    Firstly about my situation. I have a website build on WP and inside that website we have two bloggers, myself and a friend of mine. I’ve set up the page so that the main section, my blog and my friends blog have different sidebars and headers etc. based on category.

    We also wanna use tag clouds and we want to have category specific tag clouds for our blogs. So that my sidebar has a tag cloud displaying only the tags from items posted in my category and so on.

    Works almost perfectly for our purposes except that there is one big problem. When i actually open a single post, the tag cloud reverts to it normal self, meaning it displays all the tags in the site from every category. What i want is that the plugin should recognize what category the single post is posted in and still display the tag cloud specific to that category.

    Im not savy enough with PHP to hack the plugin but what I think it needs is an “if (in_category())” conditional as this is what i used for having the custom sidebars and stuff. I just have no idea how to implement it in to the plugin. So help is greatly appreciated!


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  • Have you found a solution? I noticed this plugin is a couple years old, is it still this complicated to show tags from a specific category? I’ve been at this all day, for something I expected to be an out of the box capability. I actually expected the default tag cloud to do it! HA!

    Actually even if you haven’t solved your issue, I would be so greatful if you would show a very basic example of how to use tdo tag fixes, where exactly the code is inserted, the author says “category pages” but I don’t know what he means, nor do I understand how to add the code to my url. I have something called permalinks, but I don’t know about “fancy permalinks” Is the permalink being refered to the one that appears in the post editor, or in an archive page? (one of those must be the “category pages” refered to) If you have a chance please straighten me out. Thanks.


    I sort of solved the problem and sort of didn’t. Im using the ultimate tag cloud widget (found here: UTC has author specific tags so it does the job pretty nicely for us. We also decided that we use our own tags so that there is no cross tagging between authors. This way we got it to work. Its not the ideal way though but it works well enough.

    Tdo tag fixes actually rewrites the code and rules of the basic tag cloud widget that is included in wordpress so all you need to do is activate the plugin and then use the wordpress tag cloud and it should work. Fancy permalinks i think means that you have added a custom way the permalinks are shown. For example and not some random url with loads of numbers and stuff.

    Sorry i cant help you more. Good luck and if you find a good sollution please let me know!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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